Saturday, December 5, 2009

WHOA Peoples!

So friends, family, everyone...I am currently offering a stinkin' killer deal with my business.

I have learned from doing my second boutique and shopping around that #1, my prices are too low (I know, I am sorry to have to raise them but the cost of fabric has gone up AND everyone else sells covered wipey cases WITHOUT a pouch for $15-18...), So I am raising my prices from $15 to $18-$20 depending on the case...SORRY....But its still so worth it, I promise! ;)
And #2, House Parties are the way to go. They are smaller, but free (no paying for a booth/spot), AND you get people coming for exactly your product and/or to check it out, not checking out a thousand other products from other vendors as well.

So Boutiques are great, but I do better with house parties.

SOOOOOOO Book your party now! When you host a party at your house, you get a wipey case for FREE. That's right folks, FREE. So tell your friends and family, especially pregnant ones all about how fun and fabulous my covered wipey cases are- and how convenient it is to have diapers and wipes together in one grab. I can't tell you how many people have told me that now that they have their wipey clutch, they can never go back to searching through their purse for diapers and a wipes case. They are fab.

Oh and did I mention the fun new fabrics and designs I currently have? I have several new and wonderful designs that I will have posted on my site soon...but let me tempt you by telling you about them now because they are so incredible!!

Anyhow, thats enough from me. Book your party, get your wipey clutch, have some fun, girls night out.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth, would you be able to come up here for a party? I would love to have one for you!

Elizabeth Larson said...

I don't know who posted that comment because your I don't know where "Here" is?? Contact me by e-mail: ;)