Monday, March 22, 2010

Camp Kyler

My dear sweet Kyler turned 6 on Saturday. 6! I have a 6 year old! I cannot even believe it. There is something so sweet and dear about your first born. Your first pregnancy, the first kick, the first heart beat you hear, the baby comes out and everything is a first. So this is for Kyler:

Kyler, from the moment you were born, I was completely in love with everything about you. Your chubby cheeks and baby blue eyes melted my heart. I could not imagine any life from then on without you in it.

You were the BEST baby (and to this day, you are still the best behaved baby I've had). You were a daddy's boy from the very beginning, and you still are. I love it!

You have always been very sweet and loving to stuffed animals. I love how even now, you love each one of them, treat them like they are real by putting them to bed when they are sick, taking care of them and making them feel special.

I love how you have both your Dad's features as well as some of mine...a mixture of the both of us~

I love that you are such a Manly BOY. Although you still have a sensitive side (and have occassionally liked the color pink), you would LIVE outside if you could. You would spend every waking minute either camping or hiking, or playing with bugs. No matter what, you'd be outside.

I love how tough you think you are. But you still need me.

I'm not crazy about how you fight me to fix your hair for school, but I LOVE that you still let me pick out/help you pick out what you are going to wear and don't fight me on it...

You are passionate about things, you learn the same way I do (I'm sorry for that son) and you are a GREAT friend to those around you. I love YOU Kyler boy!

Soooo, we had a Birthday Party for Kyler in honor of his birthday...and YUP, it was a camping themed party. What else for my Kyler?! So I made this totally cool camping cake. I love how it turned out!!

We had a few friends over for the party. The truth is, Kyler would have invited every kids in the nieghborhood, so we had to limit it and draw the line at 10 kids (12 including Kyler and Brayden!). 12 KIDS!! It was awesome! We did tug of war.

And told fun camping stories in the tent...

And roasted hot dogs around a campfire!

And opened presents!!!

I can't believe my first born is 6 years old!!!!


annieareyouok said...

So cute! What a great idea for a birthday party ... nice job, Mom!

Sarah said...

You are the coolest mom ever! I have never done a really cool cake or party like that. Kyler is lucky to have you.

Jessica Kettle said...

a camping party??! that is the coolest idea ever. i bet he was THRILLED!!