Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Long and Boring, but it's what I'm venting about.

So last week was awesome. I had some serious goals at the beginning of the week that I was determined to stick to. And for the most part, I did! And it felt great.

The biggest thing was that I wanted to try and keep the house clean ALL week. I had my big cleaning on monday- sweeping, mopping, dusting, vacuming. But usually by Wednesday, the house looks like a tornado again and I am constantly trying just to make it look livable again, but never really managing to do it!

So I told myself I could not sit down and relax and check my blog list or facebook entries unless things were picked up. And it really did work! Not that I spend a lot of time just lounging around. believe me, I am constantly working. But I really made it a priority to also get the kids involved. Brayden was great! He would jump along right beside me and help me clean up, as well as surprise me by cleaning up something not on his chore list without me even asking. he has really been a big help. (Although after he went to bed I checked underneath the couch and found about 50 different items he had hid to clean up. That's Brayden! ;))

The other things I wanted to accomplish were: exercising at least 4 days (which I actually usually do anyway, but this week I wanted to make sure I did it no matter what, and switched up my routine of what I usually do.), lowering my portion amounts of what I eat, drinking more water, eating more vegetables, spending more time playing with my kids rather than just being with them, reading to my kids more, and I had to make a ton of wipey cases for orders and a party without taking too much time away from my kiddos.

I had a really good balance last week. And I found that my days were more pleasant with the more that I got accomplished. My kids were so happy to spend more time with me focused on them and I felt the same way! It was really great.

But it was hard transitioning into this week. I started off with a Bang on Monday. I emptied every cubbord in the kitchen, wiped and disinfected it and reorganized EVERYTHING. From pots and pans to silverware, everything is in a more organized place and there is so much extra room again. The pantry is organized, the cold storage in the basement is organized (although it was 90% organized already) and the coat closet is organized.

WHEW. Then, after doing all that work Monday, including typical housework and two loads of laundry, I took the kids on a nice walk/bike ride through the neighborhood. I was so tired by Monday night that I felt completely unfunctionable. And might I add for the ladies, that I am having a very heavy and uncomfortable time of the month. So now I am also emotionally drained because I have been crying at every stinkin commercial I see, blog I read, etc. I am extra sentive this time around. I know it sounds silly, but every time I change the dose of my thyroid medication, everything is more sensitive until I am completely adjusted to the new dose. It really sucks.

My point to all this?? I had trouble lifting a single finger today!! I maintained the house until 3:00 when Keaton started to cry and all he wanted to was to be held. I sat on the couch and held. And then I couldn't move. And I was emotional for no reason. Just because.

Then I had a NICU Volunteer meeting tonight. I had to literally peel my eyes open while driving out there tonight, I am so wiped out.

So heres to a good nights sleep. Feeling rested and relaxed tomorrow. A good workout in the morning, followed by a good and healthy breakfast, followed be a better mood, emotionally more stable, fun loving and erergetic Elizabeth. Hey, I'm going to bed, so I can dream right?


Sarah said...

You are not alone! My day yesterday was just like yours. Some day we're going to miss those scattered toys and fingerprinted walls, you know?

annieareyouok said...

A clean house is tough to maintain with ANYONE (other than you) living in it. All we can hope for is that it is clean, but not necessarily picked up. I do what I call "every other day" cleaning. Every other day I dust, vacuum, laundry, etc and try to get a lot of that stuff done done. The next day I don't really do much except the usual day to day stuff like cleaning the kitchen or empying the dishwasher. It gives me motivation to get things done since I know the next day I can take it a little easier. It sounds like you are doing a great job managing 3 boys, a husband, a new business and a house. All the commitments you have to manage (plus your volunteering) would make anyone emotional. Hang in there!

Angela Frasure said...

You are my hero! I wish I had half your energy!

the tim gailey home said...

i'm glad you were able to vent it all out...i hope you have good dreams about the perfect week AND it comes true! i dreamt i went shopping and bought all the things i needed for our 72 kits...then i woke up. :(

the tim gailey home said...

i have decide that the main reason you wrote this post was to make me feel better about my days. so i just wanted to say thank you, you are too kind. thanks for thinking of me. ;)