Sunday, March 28, 2010

Laundry Room Project

I've had a can of paint and a plan to paint the laundry/mud room for about 3 months, but have never actually gotten around to doing it. Well this week when our dryer broke down, I took advantage of the chance to get in behind the washer/dryer to paint without it being too difficult.

Now a little detail into why I care about painting my laundry/mudd room. Well, I have a husband with a wonderful quality of having a great decorative eye. I am not being sarcastic. He is really good at decorating/color details, etc. But...this also means that I can't decorate anything in the house without him being part of it. I cannot hang a picture on the wall without him liking the picture, liking the frame, making sure it ties in with the other decorations, etc. Now luckily he has good taste and for the most part we agree on things anyway. But, sometimes I want to let loose and just go to town on a room and I can't. So I told my hubs that the laundry room is MY DOMAIN. That since it doesn't get seen by most people other than me, I can do whatever I want and he can't compain. And I had fun! And he likes it!!

So as you enter the room, there is a small window that I love! I loved making a cute little set of curtains, but still wanted a lot of light in the room, so I tied it up with ribbon and thinks it looks so cute that way. I accessorized with some old picture frames that were sitting in the bottom of a closet and put some scrapbook paper and stickers with them. I think they turned out cute!

I used a mossy/leafy green color of paint.
Here is one of the picture frames.

Close up of the curtains. Love the paisly pattern!
This bulletin board has been in there since almost the beinning, and then later I added the hooks for the backpacks. So that was there before, but looks better with a painted background!
I found these at Ben Franklin one day on clearance for $1 each. I thought they would be great for putting the kids papers from school in and the mail until I can sort through it!
This is the favorite wall! I have the oh-so-styling book wreath my little sister made for me. Then I have the rack I got at DI for $6 and a vase with some stuff we had around the house! And my old laundry room sign. A must in the laundry room right? ;)
And finally, above our new dryer, I have an awesome old frame of ours, an L that I already had and some scrapbook paper. Sweet!
I'm happy with it and happy its done.


CD Black said...

I love that you spent time making the least loved room in your house beautiful! Dan did not understand why I updated our laundry room. Hooks, shelves, rugs, and paint can make even the most mundane room a place you don't mind being in. Good work!

annieareyouok said...
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annieareyouok said...

Wow, what a stylish laundry room! Now you just need to squeeze a couch in there and you have your very own, private reading room ;)

beckaboots said...

So fun! I wish that my laundry room was big enough to make stylish like yours! Love the colors and the curtains!
It's times like this when I wish you lived close so we could craft together!!
ahhhh... miss you! <3

Sarah said...

It looks awesome! Wish I was there to see it in person!