Monday, March 15, 2010

MMMMMMMM....Cinnimon Chip Crescents

So yesterday I woke up feeling rested. Sundays are my days to sleep in, but I got up with the kids cause I knew I couldn't go back to sleep. So I tidied things up around the house after getting the kids breakfast, then a few minutes before I knew Cortney would probably be getting up, I made one of his favorite breakfasts: Cinnimon Chip Crescents...MMMMMM Sooooo good. The recipe is on the back of the Hershey's Cinnimon Chips packages and since they are typically a seasonal item, we buy like 10 bags at once and save them to use throughout the year.

Go NOW and buy some if the stores still have them. They are fabulous.

Keaton loved them...

Brayden loved them.

Kyler loved them but would not let me take a picture of his messy face. Silly boy!
And of course Cortney and I loved them, but you don't need to see what we look like on Sunday mornings ;)


the tim gailey home said...

1 - love the new backround, 2 - we just heard about cinnamon chips but i didn't see the package. i admit, tim and i thought the buyer was insane! however, the way you put it, it sounds delicious! you have the cutest family!

beckaboots said...

mmmm so yummy. I want some now. miss you!