Tuesday, December 28, 2010

All Things Christmas!

These past two weeks have been so busy, fun, exciting, wonderful and stressful to say the least! I don't know what happened to me this holiday season, but I turned into a major stress freak. I mean, seriously phsycho- like, seriously. Every other year we go to AZ for Christmas, so that means usually planning to get everything done for Christmas a week early. I have done this for many years. So why was I a freakazoid this year? I dont know. I did my Christmas baking, my house cleaning, my usual Christmas calendar for my mom, all things usual...and yet, somehow I had mini breakdowns every other day or so. And once I got to AZ, all Christmas shopping done and all stressful issues gone, I was still a freakazoid. But somehow, with Christmas Eve came a peace and the stress melted away and the true spirit of Christmas shone through. And it was wonderful!

But first things first, before we left, Brayden had his preschool Christmas performance!
Doesn't he look thrilled??
Singing, sitting well.
Finally decided to pull his tie out from under his sweater.
Then Santa came! Of course, the kids were thrilled and it was wonderful!
Did I mention I was stressed a little??
I took the above picture of myself one night for myself at first. I though, I need to remember how crazy I look right now. I was truly crazy. Now I laugh at it. Seriously- why was I so stressed and forgetting what really mattered this holiday season??! Oh if I could only change how crazy I was...
Tuesday night we celebrated Christmas with my Dad. He and his wife and her son came to Phoenix and we had dinner and dessert and it was great!
These two pictures are priceless. One if further away so you can see what was going on, and the close up is soooo sweet. My Grandma was restless to get out of the house...she is in poor health so it is hard to take her out and she usually doesn't feel up to it. But she felt like she needed to see some of the hussle and bussle of Christmas. We took he out and Kyler grabbed her hand as we were walking...SO SWEET!
And finally, Christmas morning! Stockings first!
Still tired, but loving every minute!
Wow, lots of neat stuff!
The boys admiring their new toys.
Keaton was the first to dig into his candy. I think he cared more about the candy than anything.
My neice- one of the twins- this picture, it just HAD to be taken!
My handome brothers! Seriously. It was so fun being all together on Christmas Day.
All of us siblings together.
Just ignore the fact that my arm looks so incredibly FAT in this picture.
My beautiful sisters and I!
All in all, a wonderful Holiday in the beautiful Arizona. Next year I am determined to be more relaxed and try hard to focus on what is really important. Like my family, who I love! And of course, the birth of our Savior!
Hope eveyone else had a wonderful holiday as well....now onto New Years! Let the New Resolutions Begin!

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Chanelle said...

What fun! I love the pictures and you look great!