Friday, December 31, 2010


It has been a great week! I finished a book I was reading, got the house clean AND had lots of fun playing with my will come later. Today was such a great day starting with my kids sleeping in until 8! 8:00 people! Thats REALLLLLLLY late for my kids to sleep in and I am loving it! Then I did an awesome workout and the day has just been great. Now we are getting things ready for some friends to come over and play games tonight for The New Year! We are excited and I thinking about all the resolutions I am wanting to make for this coming year...and I must say, I am extra excited because I realized most of the things I wanted to accomplish in 2010 happened!
Hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year and may all the Resolutions on Blogs start pouring in so I can get in some good reading!!!

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