Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Wish List

Okay folks. A lot of my friends this year have posted their hearts desire's for this season. I am trying not to be too selfish this year. I only want to go with my needs here. So here's my Christmas Wish List for this Christmas December 2010:
1. A maid (only twice a week would do for me)
2. A personal driver
3. A chef (I would settle for 3 days a week on this one)
4. A nanny
5. A personal hairstylist
6. A fashion designer
7. Unlimited amounts of money
Too much to ask for? I think NOT! HA HA Hope you are having a great holiday season. This week has been tough for me, but I am hoping now that the car *should* be really truly fixed, things will start looking up! Here's to a Happy Friday tomorrow and a great weekend!

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Josh and Becca said...

Can I just copy and paste yours? Looks like a good one. :) You are too funny.