Friday, December 10, 2010


First, a couple items of business. I am not asking for much people, but HELLLLLOO-O...comments? Like, once in a blue moon please? Leave comments! I always hear about people reading my blog, and I rarely leave comments for others, but come on, like 5 posts in a row with like one comment from the same person?? (Thanks Becky!) Come on peeps! Show me the love ;)
Secondly, after the last two weeks of pure stress and trauma, on to something positive!
Drumroll Please.....

The Summer-long project of building a pergola in our backyard is 99.9% DONE! Wootwoot!
Now, I *could* write a complete sob story about my husband taking on this project and me not being prepared for him to be spending every waking second that he's not watching a football game working on...but really- I think neither of us realized that this project was going to do for us.
And my husband has heard waaaay too much nagging and complaining from me...but I DID help...A LOT (while kids were climbing up the ladders and I am holding a beam that if I drop will cause serious damage to work done) in my defense, I had some good reasons to be grouchy. ;)
It was a lot of work. I DO NOT recommed anyone taking on a project like this EVER unless you have guaranteed that like 4 other guys will help you. I am not even joking. I am dead serious. It is a BIG project and a LOT of work.
So what is the .1% work left we have to do? We are going to build flower boxes to go around the bottom of each beam (thats a project we will take on next summer)- having the boxes will add a lot of class to the structure, and also hide the exposed metal at the bottom of each beam. It will be nice. And next summer we plan on getting a table and chairs so we can sit and enjoy the shade this will provide. And I have visions of having vines growing down the sides as well. So, we do have some work left to do. But obviously the hardest part is over and it looks fantastic!
Great Job Hon! :)


Angela Frasure said...

YayYYYYYYYYYYYYY! :) WE are all glad this is done!!! (I feel like we all contributed a little though I'm not sure why:)

beckaboots said...

WOW! it's amazing! So are you going to have like grapes growing off the top of it? Or just leave it open? Either way, it looks awesome! and adds a lot to your backyard!

Mike and Andrea McEntire said...

Holy cow, that looks awesome. Way to go you guys! Your hard work paid off.

Mckenzie said...

ok, I read your blog and don't comment which is a crying shame because I need a comment once in awhile too! so, i'll comment and you comment too! I love your gazebo... its exactly what i want!

annieareyouok said...

That looks great! It does look like quite a big project so I'm glad you were able to get it done. Home projects tend to linger "undone" for potentially EVER so it's nice to see a finished product.