Saturday, January 8, 2011

Brayden is 5, Part 1

My crazy white haired once 2 1/2 pound boy turned 5 last Sunday! We started with traditional birthday spankings!

Secretley he LOVES getting birthday spankings. Every kid does. He got them from everyone in the family. We had a family party on Sunday after church and had presents, cake and ice cream. It was short and sweet!
Brayden told me he wanted an Iron Man party. He has never seen Iron man- just heard about it through friends and seen Iron man toys in the stores. So naturally we had to get him set up with the best iron man toys out there! Starting with his very own iron man costume from Grandma and Papa.
Kyler was happy to assist in opening of presents.
We got him the iron man arm and circular "heart" that the REAL iron man has! Of course, nothing but the best for our Brayden! ;)
All suited up and ready to go!
Okay, I know I am vain about a lot of things. But one of my new years resolutions is that everything doesn't have to perfect all the time! So, if I am going to have to stay up until 3 in the morning just to get a cake perfectly done right, than FORGET IT! Not everything has to be perfect all the time. Case in point: Brayden's birthday cake. Normally, if it's an iron man party, I would spend hours looking up how to make the perfect iron man cake. Then I would spend hours trying to make it. AND it would never turn out how I want it anyways! I am always dissappointed, it's not really my talent. So I decided to make a simple cake with whatever colors Brayden wanted. I asked him what kind of cake he wanted. He told me a red cake with red frosting and blue writing. And here you have it! :
So it was a red velvet cake and it was SOOOOO YUMMY! This picture is when we were singing happy birthday to Brayden. As you can see, Keaton loves Brayden's costume too! And can I just tell you that Brayden was really sweet to share it just after he opened it!
Keaton realllllly loved the cake! This picture is actually AFTER I already had cleaned some of it up!
Some of my favorite things about Brayden are:
He is very clever, and although it usually leads to trouble, I am always impressed at the things he thinks of.
He almost always shares. He is the first one to give up something he loves for one of his Brothers if he can tell they want it more than he does.
He dances so silly all the time (90% of the time it involves him shaking his bum around)
He always compliments me!
He is always considerate of other's feelings and does a really good job at playing with his younger brother and helping me with him.
I just love my Brayden and cannot even believe he is 5!

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beckaboots said...

That is so great! Your cake was perfect and I'm glad that you didn't slave over it! :)