Monday, January 24, 2011

I Know!

I know, I have totally neglected my blog (at least by my standards!) and I honestly don't have time to write now. I just wanted to share the cutest thing Keaton did last week.

There was one day he had missed his nap and woke up early the next morning, so obviously throughout that next day, he was tired. I was on the computer upstairs and Keaton came in and talked to me for a minute then ran out to play. Typical. But then he didn't come back for a long time- and I am not used to being able to be on the computer. So I was just playing away on fb and doing other things on the computer when I thought it was probably time to put Keaton down for his nap.

Where is Keaton? I couldn't hear him. I looked all through the house...Cortney was downstairs and said he hadn't seen him. Where could he be? He has never done this. So I went in his room and looked in his crib-- which is funny cause I would never have thought to look there, but something just told me too.

And there he was. Sound asleep- two sippy cups in bed next to him, a million blankets and he was snoozing. Normally when he goes down, I close his blinds- they were just wide open and I couldn't belive it. It honestly was the cutest thing in the whole world that he was so tired that he put himself down for a nap. I mean, seriously! So cute!

He is just getting soooo big.

I will write more later. Promise!


beckaboots said...

so sweet! glad he got his nap in!

The Mattson's said...

That is Awesome! i would love for my kids to put themselves down for a nap:)