Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I am whinning today (that is- as in, whine- ing, OR wine-ing). I had a pretty decent day, but around 4:00 I got really bummed. Our Durango went back on the tow truck first thing Monday morning. My in-laws lent me their car again, which I am SOOOOO grateful for. The car fix and problem was the same problem we have been having, BUT the mechanic we have has not been very thorough- hence the car going back agian and again because he has missed things. BIG things or little things, depending on how you look at it- but I consider them BIG because my car can't RUN at all (hence needing to be towed) without these things fixed. So the call I got around 4:00pm today was that the tow truck hook had punctured a hole somewhere important and now we are waiting for them to come and fix it. WHAT the WHAT?! I am SO done with repairs! I am done with not having my car- and because I have my in-laws car, I have to have different people watch 2 of my kids so I can do the carpool that I have to do this week. I can't fit everyone in the car. And the heater is broken. Can I whine some more to you?
Honestly, I am a glass half full kind of person. But two weeks before Christmas having the car die twice, having this whole thing happen twice was VERY stressful. And so as things have settled down this new Year and I am happy and calm and not stressed and then this happens AGAIN and I feel my heartrate go up and I am like a freakazoid all over again because I am running like a chicken with my head cut off in the mornings getting my kids to two different places although not at the same time because they can't fit in the car! Cause my car is gone! BOOOOO HOOOOOOOO. Whine whine.
Okay I am done now. I am ready now to move on. I DID have a wonderful New Years! We had some friends over and played games and the kids were great and the mess was minimal! It was fun. And I am mostly back on track with eating better again (cause I must admit I did NOT eat well when I was in AZ). And we are all currently healthy and who can really ask for more than that these days? So coming soon- Brayden's Birthday Pics- cause he is 5 and so cute! Thanks for listening my friends.


Chanelle said...

I'd be bummed too. I'm so sorry and hope that things work themselves out. Here's to a new day!

annieareyouok said...

Car problems are THE WORST and even more difficult when you have kids because there is so much and so many people to coordinate. Hope you get it worked out soon!