Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Years Resolutions 2011

FINALLY! I have not taken the time to sit down and write down my resolutions for this year I say I have not been motivated to do it cause I know it is my officall "put me to work" list...and once I make the list...I get going!!

So I was thinking about my birthday tomorrow...and I was thinking of how one of my friends posted a "32 things I want to do before I'm 32" list and it was So.Cool. So I kind of incorporated my New Years List with some just plain old things I want to do this year and thought if I made them more of a goal then I would be more likely to do them. So don't mind that some of them arent really resolutions, just hopeful plans!
There are, of course, a few things I am NOT posting because it is just plain old too personal...but here is most of my 2011 New Years Resolutions!

Lose final 8 pounds to have my “body fat” percentage within the range I want (although I am trying for this, I am not going to beat myself up either cause I'm pretty happy with how I look and feel right now)

Run a half marathon (or at least be signed up and training by the end of the year)

Play racquetball with my husband, several times at least...and maybe some tennis too

Make a quilt for me (not one that I give away as a gift to someone else)

Pray more

Read the Book of Mormon

Read more to the kids

Be more patient

Watch less tv and/or just have the tv on less in the background

Have a super awesome family vacation

Try realllllly hard not to yell or raise my voice at the kids no matter what!

Get my whole family involved in service to others

Organize my Wipey Case office MUUUUCH better

Go through/clean out all kids tubs of clothes from all ages, as well as my old clothes, maternity clothes, clothes that don’t fit and make piles for DI, giving away and keeping.

Super organize the kitchen

Super organize the basement

Clean, organize and power-wash the garage

Seal the countertops and floors in the kitchen again

Gut out the playroom- donate/get rid of all unplayed with and/or unnecessary toys and books

Make an official homework/study space for Kyler

Make new chore charts for the kids since Keaton ruined their other ones

Make a new FHE chart

--That's it for now...although I may add a thing or two here or there, this is the jist of my projects and goals for the year...wish me luck! Hope you are all having fun with yours!


Kate Pettit said...

you are my inspiration! love ya:)

Sarah said...

You have at least 15 more resolutions than I do this year! Very ambitious! I hope you run that half marathon with me!