Saturday, March 12, 2011

All about Kyler...mostly.

It has been a busy past two weeks. We have been keeping busy with all the normal things of life, combined with some fun projects and changes.

To start...Playdough! HA. Well, just normal fun things to do around the house, but the kids got really creative this particular day, so out came the camera!!
By the way, Brayden said this was ME! Nice!

Next up: ME=Creative Genius! I have to admit, when Kyler came home from school telling me he was doing a project on snakes and needed to dress up like a snake...I'm like...WHAT?! How in the world do you dress up like a snake? The teacher said it could even be something as simple as sweats in the color of the animal...but I couldn't go THAT plain...sooooo after doing a little internet searching, which I happen to love to do...I came up with an idea...or rather took bits and pieces of ideas I read. ENTER Kyler with a super cool snake wrapped around him...making scary faces of course!

Come on now, isn't that the coolest super real looking snake you have ever seen made for FREE? Well, at least HE thought it was cool ;) So, now we have pictures of him IN a snake cage at school...
With the other like animals.
In the performance after the "project."
His personal part of a song about a pig...he was cute! And SO BIG!
As if that wasn't enough in the Kyler category, he had yet another performance at school for ART. Keaton LOVED it! Every kid that walked on stage, Keaton yelled "Hi Kyler."
We couldn't get many pictures because the choir director was right in our view, but we managed to get a few cute ones.

And there you have Kyler, Episode 1...cause Episode 2 will come next week after his 7th Birthday. Yes, 7th!! I cannot even believe it.
So what else has been going on? Well Kyler and Keaton basically switched rooms. We didn't move anything but their beds to see if Kyler truly does want his own room and if Brayden and Keaton can manage well together. The first two nights and morning afters were difficult with Keaton and Brayden. They didn't want to go to bed and then would wake up super early...but I think we might actually be mellowing out into a normal schedule again. a few more days of trying this out and we will decide if this is for real and can move dressers, etc.
I've also been busy making more wipey cases, organizing some things around the house, getting plans organized for Kyler's Birthday...AND preparing for Cortney's upcoming surgery. WHICH I have decided deserves a post of it's own. So more on that in a day or two.
Needless to say, we have been BUSY! More later.


Sarah said...

Kyler reminds me of Trenton in that bottom picture, the one where he's pointing. I cannot believe he's turning 7! Holy cow! He was just born, wasn't he? Where did the time go? He's so cute, too!

beckaboots said...

His snake face! Soo cute. He is such a stud!
And Keaton looks like cortney in that picture at kyler's show.

annieareyouok said...

Your boys are so adorable. LOVE the snake costume! So creative mama.