Monday, March 21, 2011


I can't even begin to express how much love Cort and I feel from everyone! THANK YOU to everyone for the kind words, thoughts, prayers and acts of service in our behalf! We have three different people taking turns watching our kids kids today- one of those had to end up wathcing them an hour earlier than expected this morning, one of them switched times with another to make things work better and the third one is doing it last minute (with a half days notice) because another one got sick! How is that for helpful neighbors! All have been loving and willing to help with not a complaint. We have had offers for meals amongst other things and truly feel so lucky to be living in an area where we can get so much help, especially since we have little family around. My in-laws just left on a service mission assignment so it is hard asking others for help. It is truly a time when I miss living near my family, but seriously, it does not get better than this with neighbors!
So seriously, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! THANK YOU!
Now, Cort's surgery went well. Right now we are sitting in a recovery room. They are waiting for him to fully wake up where he can sit up. I told him on the way here that while he is "out of it" I am going to make him promise me all kinds of things...texting on my phone, some new clothes, etc. HA HA! Anyways the surgeon came in and met with me after the surgery and told me that everything went perfectly, exactly how he expected it to. The recovery is 5 days after we go home- so Cort has the whole week off. He is very pale and obviously very tired, but otherwise looks fine. His ear is completely covered in what looks like a shoulder pad, so I have no idea how much swelling there is yet. The swelling will take a full 5-6 weeks to go completely down and it will also take that long for us to know how sucessful this surgery was. Because there is swelling around the tube we just put in, it pushes on the tube, somewhat closing it a little with the pressure. So once the swelling is down, the tube will have nothing pushing against it and can therefore be 100% effective. So we shall see how things go.
I will update more as soon as I know something else, but for now, we are just waiting it out. Thank you again for all the love, support and prayers! We feel truly blessed!
Now for your visual entertainment...I needed a good smile right about now, so here are some cute pics of Keaton enjoying some chocolate fondue...

It turned out to be a bath night that night! :)

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Angela Frasure said...

Yay I'm so glad it went well!! Sorry I couldn't help out more, let me know what I can do.