Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So of course this whole pregnancy, our whole family has been praying. All the time. We want this baby to stay IN and he is already showing signs that he is going to come whenever HE wants to we are just praying hard and doing what we can.

And then things start happening. Like: My little sister calling me telling me she is booking her ticket to come and take care of me and my family for a week to help me on bed rest. Like: Two people bringing me meals, randomly, on the same day, which happen to be days that have been incredibly hard and where I have really needed the help. Like: My in-laws calling and saying "we're picking up the boys after school today and taking them for a few hours so you can rest..." and then when they bring the boys home they do the dishes for me! Like: My visiting teachers and one of my good friends bringing me magazines, soda and candy care packages to help me get through bed rest...WOW. These things don't just happen. And this is only a fraction of the service our family has recieved lately. But I am serious when I say, these things always happen when I need it the most. Yesterday was a really hard day, then today two meals and no kids. It's like they are all inspired to help me. And I am so eternally grateful. It is hard to ask for help. It is hard to recieve help even when I really need it. I feel like I could be doing more, or should be doing more. But then everyone that helps me does it with a smile and a kind heart, and kind words and everything. And I am overwhelmed! The Lord is watching over us and answering our prayers.

Now, on a totally different note...I cannot stop thinking about the movie Jane Eyre! Have you seen it yet?! Have you read the book? I admit, I had not read the book. So I had no idea what to expect. And it is not your typical old fashioned love story. There is so much more to it- and I rented it the other day and I just can't stop thinking about it. WOW. Go rent it!

And on yet another note, I have read a new book basically every 3 days for the past two I am finally getting through my stack of books that I have had to read for a LONG time! I love it! Of course Mockinjay was totally disappointing, but I was going to read it no matter what and still love the series.

Another random note: have finished an entire book of crossword puzzles, totally makes me miss my Grandma. But an entire book in 2 weeks...that is a lot of crosswords!

I guess that's enough for now. Doesn't my life of reading, watching movies and having people wait on me hand and foot sound so exciting?!!! Well, this IS the kind of life every mother wants to have, except not being on bed rest and having contractions. It really quite STINKS but I am so grateful to do whatever I can to keep this baby in.


the tim gailey home said...

yup, your life's a dream. and at the end of your fairy tale, we can't wait for the prince to show up and everybody lives happily ever after. glad you liked jane erye. i read the book. quite a twisted plot! love ya and pray for you and baby!

Kristin Wynder said...

The new Jane Eyre isn't as good as the 1997 one!!! Go see if it's at the library and rent it...or you can borrow it from Rachel cause I know she owns it. It's a lot longer than the new one, but I liked it a lot better!!