Sunday, September 11, 2011

The latest Larson happenings...

So if any of my blog followers are on facebook, and I know most of you are, I was wondering how I was going to identify my kids backpack's for the teachers (because most of them ask you to write your cbild's name ON the backpack) WITHOUT writing their name on the outside of the backpack. I did not want strangers being able to read their names and call them. It was an easy solution- and thanks to all the advice on FB, and a link from my little sis with an idea, I made these cool name tags for the insides of their backpacks. The kids LOVE THEM!

Kyler, especially, is into SKULLS, so I used that as a theme. Of course, we use skulls in a friendly way, as friendly as they can be... :)

My camera has issues, so this was as close as I could get without them being too blurry...I think they turned out pretty good. But most of all, they get the job done and the kids love them!

Since school has started, we have been going to bed earlier and earlier. The kids get to read for 20 minutes in their beds, then I read them a story. But on the weekends, we do let them stay up late...especially Friday nights. Sometimes, however, that means they try and slumber together or they go into the hallway and sleep. Weird. But seriously, to come upstairs and see this was really cute. The lights were off, but I turned them on for the picture and they didn't even flich!

Is there really anything better than a cute sleeping face up close?!!!!

One of my bestest friends in the whole world came to visit for a day (she lives in Boise) and did some cleaning for me, helped my kids with their homework and we had a great time visiting!! My kids truly LOVE her and could not get enough of her IPAD or notebook or whatever you call it! It has so many games and cool things and she would patiently sit and show them how to play, etc. As you can see, they were ALL OVER HER!

Let's just say, when they woke up the next day and learned she wasn't there, they were sad...and so was I! We truly love her and she is such a sweet friend!

All in all, it was a good week. I FINALLY got to see MY doctor on Tuesday, who as I thought would, put me on medicine to stop my contractions. It is mostly working! I still have 1-2 contractions a day. But most are shorter than they were before..and quite frankly, as long as I know nothing is wrong, I can handle a few contractions here and there.

He told me to stay on moderate bed rest. I can still take kids to school, do some light things around the house here and there as long as I am taking it easy and laying down as much as I can in between. And of course, only if I am not contracting. If I am still contracting, I am DOWN. So far, it has been decent. I am finally to the point where I can read a book without falling asleep, so I am getting into some books I have had for a long time. I read a book in a day and a half and I don't know if I have ever done that before! It was an easy read, but still. I load and un load the dishwasher and wipe the counters down every day, but other than that, am mostly lounging around. I have felt much better knowing that I am back in my doctors hands and he is taking every thing I say seriously. So far, so good. This baby is still cooking and that is all that matters!

A special thanks to all my sweet neighbors! In one night, I had two different meals brought in randomly! It was so nice! Today alone we had two dinners to freeze brought in and 2 different sets of treats! WOOWWWW!!!

I have said it before and I will say it again. Living away from family is TOUGH. Especially when there are times like these where I know they would be helping me and I know I wouldn't feel bad letting them....because they are family! But if there is anywhere I can live away from family and get non-stop help it is HERE in this exact neighborhood. When we had Keaton, it was the same thing. Constant meals, people watching our kids non-stop so I could go to the NICU and everyone does it without a complaint- and they make me feel that they want to do it! it is amazing! It is hard to rely on others for help- it is hard to ask for help! It is hard to leave my kids in the hands of others, feeling helpless to spend time with them, but yet spend time with the new baby at the hospital, or on bed rest, etc. Being here I am overwhelmed at the constant service we are provided. As hard as it is to live away from family, and as much as I miss them so much, this is such a great place to live and get the help our family needs right now. So thank you friends and neighbors! You are all wonderful! And truly, we could not get through this without you!

Now onto another week of surviving...I finally have decided on some creative ideas for the baby's bedding and it is using a lot of what I already have and making a new quilt (which I do for each baby anyways) and maybe a few other things...but all in all, I am just excited to have found what I am looking for!! And I will post about it as soon as I get moving on it.


the tim gailey home said...

saw the post on fb but i don't like posting there, but i did think some posts were harsh on the teachers. i don't think you feel that way but i hope people will try to remember that teachers are just trying to help kids know which pack is theirs. i hope your teachers are as sweet as ours. i don't worry about the name on the outside too much b/c my kids don't walk home, they are picked up in the carpick up lane by me. but i still write their names on the inside of the bag only, just in case and because it looks better. the tags you made are very cute. i think the kids you made are very cute, too!

Kenzie said...

I an so glad things are getting a little better.keep that baby a cooking as long as possible. I'm just really sad that I haven't been there to help you. I feel like such a bad friend. hopefully things over here start getting a little better and them I cam be there to help! Thinking of you.

beckaboots said...

These turned out way cute! I'm glad you liked my idea. Much love and kisses to you from here in AZ!