Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Keaton's Big Birthday!

I asked Keaton what kind of birthday party he wanted this year, and after listing off all the superheros and fun ideas I had, he kept going back to "spiderman"...so we had a spiderman party! It was just with family, since he is only 3, but it was so great. I did not go all out. I did not have it in me, but I made his favorite things...which are: CUPCAKES! Keaton loves cupcakes and asks for them all the time. So that made my job easier, rather than doing a cake. The store had tons of spiderman stuff, so I bought more than I made this year.

Here's the table all decorated...

Keaton getting ready to open presents...blowing through a leftover pvc pipe.
Getting a puppy dog pillow pet, which he LOVES!

I was really unsure what to get him because he is so easy going and happy with anything. But I found these lincoln logs at Ross and knew they were perfect! Especially since Keaton loves building things! I must admit, part of me was excited because I loved Lincoln logs as a kid...oh the memories!

He also got a spiderman tent that he plays in every single day, but the picture was too blurry since every one I took of him with the tent he wouldn't sit still ;)

Everyone singing to him, getting ready to eat cupcakes!

His brothers get some too!

Brayden would not be serious to save his life. That kid!

Cousin Norah...so cute! Loves her mini cupcake ;)

Keaton is such a great toddler that I feel so lucky! He is easy going, will do just about anything I ask him to do and is also independent in a good way. the things he really wants to do himself are things that couldn't make me more proud (at least most of them). He really has a sweet spirit, sweet presence in our home and I could not love him any more! He still is my little peanut, being only 24 pounds at 3 years, but he is steadily growing and getting taller! Love, love this little man~! And I cannot believe he is 3!



annieareyouok said...

Such a big boy! LOVE the mini cupcake idea.

beckaboots said...

I'm sorry I never called him to wish him a happy birthday. I was caught up in how you were doing and it totally slipped my mind! He is the sweetest baby boy and I miss him! I will have to come and see you all soon ;)

Kenzie said...

what a cute boy!

the tim gailey home said...

paul is turning three as well, but he gets so grumpy if you say, happy birthday! he growls and retorts, no it's your happy birthday! it sure looks like keaton had a blast. even on bedrest, you are an awesome, thoughtful spideriffic mom!