Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Cougars

Okay, so I married into a BYU family. Not just a BYU hubby, but his entire family are all BYU nuts! They love it. His dad has a permanate seat or something so he will never lose his tickets until he sells his seat. I don't know the details...why you ask? I support my hubby and his love for the game, I cheer for the cougars and make fun of the U fans, etc. But I really don't know ANYTHING about football. Today was the first football game of the season and it was an "away" game, so this means rather than Cortney going for 7 hours to see the game with his Dad (cause Cort gets season tickets with his brother every year...I am a nice wife right?), that he watched it on tv.
And our kids...they do not have a choice. They have been wearing BYU stuff since they were 6 months old and so now they are huge BYU nuts too. So today I made some nachos and some cookies and the kids got all their gear on, brought down their BYU blankets and sat next to Cort on the couch and kept saying "Go BYU." It was so cute!

And by the way, notice Keatons face in this picture? This is as good as it gets when Cortney is holding him. He was crying at first but I finally got him to stop for a quick second...yeah, he is a super de-duper mama's boy now...

Back to football, so now that Cort's ankle is getting better and he can do a little more than he used to be, he will be abandoning me every Saturday to either watch a game on the tube, or leave for like 7 hours to go to Provo with the guys for a live game. A single mother I am destined to be for a long time. It's okay. I am getting used to it. And really, I can't complain because my hubby lets me do so many things, including many girls I think we may just about be even! Okay, not really close, but getting there honey! ;) ;) ;0
And so by the way, the Cougars totally won tonight! Rise and Shout the cougars are out...

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