Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Joys of School

School has changed my life! With Kyler being gone to Kindergarden in the afternoon, the younger boys have been taking naps...which means sometimes I take a nap too! It has been heavenly. And when Kyler and Brayden are together, they don't fight nearly as much because they have had some time apart. YAY for school.

Soooo, on that note, a bunch of us moms in the neighborhood that have kids that are ready for preschool but yet have b-days that put them either taking two years of preschool or one year of preschool and one year of "Im so ready and so bored and need to get out of house." So we arranged a joyschool for this year and will send our kids to preschool next year ;) There are 7 kids, so that means I teach once every 7 weeks! We put together a lesson plan and coordinated the lessons with the times of year, field trips, etc. We each prepared something big to contribute (I made cd's with music for music time), some moms made weather charts, picture charts, etc. It is just like preschool but a little more flexible, less expectations and obviously rotating houses and not at school. So Brayden started this week and it is so cute! He feels like such a big boy. Since Kyler has been in school, we go to the bus stop for that and Brayden wears his backpack and waits in line with Kyler, but doesn't actually get on the bus (although he would if I let him). So now for joyschool he gets his backpack on and loves it. And it's in the morning on Tues/Thurs so I have some free time those mornings and afternoons to run errands/do things with one less kid! whoo hoo!

The funny thing here...I don't let my kids pick out fancy backpacks or anything yet...I just buy the cheapest one and will deal with the fancy shmancy ones (Spiderman, superhero's, etc) later in their lives when they actually care about this backpack is actually almost as big as Brayden!

And just so you know...when he got home from school we were playing outside, he unbuttoned his shirt, took it off and ran was all I could do to get him to keep his pants on...I know thats a fun visual for you!


Sarah said...

Oh my Brayden looks so stinkin' cute in these pictures! What a big boy! (not literally. Olivia's probably bigger than him)
He seriously is so adorable.

beckaboots said...

He's getting to be so old! Such a cutie with his HUGE backpack!