Thursday, September 3, 2009


Soooo....I have been to a kazillion different fabric stores/craft stores to get more of the fabric I regularily use. I have had some orders and have been working on a tonn of wipey cases for a boutique I am part of next month...and the fabric stores (all kazillion of them at many different locations) have been out of some of my most popular fabric and ribbon and I have been so frustrated because they can't even figure out if they are going to be getting more after some searching, I have made some fabulously new wipey cases with fabric I found at Hobby Lobby that I love even better!!!

Sooo...since things have been busy for me, and I really needed some better pictures of my new stuff, I have totally redone my name, site, etc. for my diaper wipey cases.

Check it out!

And I must say...I am not done with it- I really should wait to let all this info out until it's perfect but I am just too excited!! So some of the pics need some touching up, and some more work needs to be done. And there are more wipey case pictures to post...but for now, it is looking pretty dang good.

I must say a HUGE thanks to my sis Bekah for helping me figure out some better ways to take pictures of the cases and spice up everything. I wish she were here or I were there to be doing this together, along with my sis Sarah who has been a huge motivation with great ideas and who is a faithful customer might I add!! ;) And a huge thanks to my friend Debi for helping push me to get this thing going...And of course my hubby for letting me spend lots of money perfecting these and making them great...Okay, enough of the oscar speech!

I am having fun, super busy and loving all of it!! Now order away for those baby showers ladies!

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