Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Soooo, before I officially begin this post, please note the crappiness of the quality of the pictures- I took pictures OF pictures because my scanner is not working...so thats why there are so few pics, and thats why there is a glare...that being said...

Today is Cortney and my 9 year Wedding Anniversary!

9 years ago today, we took the big pludge and married each other... We were so young (although Cortney was getting up there, 6 years older than me, 26 when we married). We had no clue...but we loved each other...

And now...as we have made it through a very hard year on both of us individually, on both of us together, and as a family of 5...We take on this new year of marriage to be even better...each year we are together, we learn more about each other, and learn more how to annoy each other (come on, you all know you do it too!)...more how to laugh harder together, how to make life fun for our family...and how we get to spend the rest of time and all of eternity making each other happy.

Happy Anniversary Cortney, Love you, Always and Forever.

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Chanelle said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope it is a good one!