Thursday, October 22, 2009

Grocery Smarts!

Okay, so there are a ton of people wanting info on the class I hosted last night. The class was taught by Alison Andersen from Grocery Smarts. I have been doing the Grocery Guru for about 3 months or so when I took her class and was sold because it is better, easier and saves you more.

The basic principals are using the Grocery Smarts website, which shows you which stores have the best sales going on, in combination with using coupons on the Sale item, therefore, getting the item: on sale, with a coupon and sometimes even free because of it. This is no joke. I have gotten many things for free in the short time I have been doing this... Now seriously, this seems like no big deal...but I am talking getting a package of Electrasol Gel Caps for .25 cents a BOX. I am talking getting Kraft cheese products (shredded or block cheese) for about .75 cents a package. I have about 10 in my freezer right now, and I used to always buy generic brand, but now I get kraft for cheaper.

Alison shows you how to do this! You are not searching through coupons for hours and cutting them are not sorting through whats on sale and whats not and when, cause the website does that for you! Alison will show you how!

I have never been good with coupons. Somtimes I would cut them out with every intention of using them, and then take them to the store in my purse and completely forget about them. This system makes it EASY for you...And if I can do it, YOU can do it too!

Seriously, I was even skeptical after taking my first class...until I started putting this program to use.

Now when I say program, it's FREE. Everything about this is free. Everything. You can pay to get the paper, which is wise to do so you can get the Sunday coupons (like just getting the Sunday paper), and Alison even suggests you get multiple papers. She gets 5! There are 5 in her family, so if something is on sale, or even FREE with coupons, then she gets 5 of them! Seriously, so which ever way you go...please learn more!! AND I should mention Alison gets the biggest discount that you can get anywhere on newspapers, sooooo...another reason to contact her!

Host a class (I would totally be up for hosting another because I have had so many people interested, but thought I would let someone else take the reins and have one so they can get some bonus'!) And then after you hear what she has to say, you will be a forever Grocery Smarts shopper.

So, here is the deal:
Alison Andersen g84cac (this is Utah only, so for other states I dont know what the passcode is but Alison may be able to help you) Now checking out this website without having taken the class or talking to Alison might be somewhat confusing, but it is too much info for me to post on here, so call Alison (or me if you want) and we can wwalk you through it...or better yet, host a class and learn how!

Become friends with Alison on facebook and she will hook you up with a world of coupon options/ideas/sales!= On fb she's Coupon Gal


And I can fill you in a lot more in person or on the phone cause I am somewhat of a pro now (somewhat) but like I said, host a class, talk to Alison...

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The Mattson's said...

I would love to host a class. I am totally excited to find out more. Thanks Liz, you rock!!