Monday, October 12, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Our FHE lesson tonight was on how Nammie (Cort's Gma) is turning 80-something today (yes, I know, lame that we can't remember, I think shes turning 82) ANYHOW, so we said that she is still so healthy and strong because she takes good care of her body. She has 13 children, about 150 grandchildren and about 150 Great Grandchildren, SERIOUSLY. And she still calls all of them on their birthdays. She is healthy and strong. So we talked about how she is so healthy and strong after all these years even being so old because she takes care of herself. She doesn't smoke or drink alcohol and she exercises.
Soooooo Brayden said the closing prayer after the lesson and said the following:

Dear Heavenly Father

Please bless the food.

Bless us that we smoke.

Bless us that we drink and take care of our bodies.

And um, Amen.

Yeah, so he really understood the lesson apparently and yeah. So great. And there you go.


beckaboots said...

AHHHHHHH hahahahaha. Soooo funny.
Wow you gotta love it.

Kathy Varga said...

LOL...that's right Lizzy, raise 'em up real good. ;-) But seriously, on the bright side, at least he was listening.