Saturday, January 2, 2010

Finally I am getting around to posting about Christmas! Soooo...Christmas Eve was wonderful. We went to Cort's parents house. Lot's of great family around, the kids ran around like wild monkey's with their cousins. We had a nice "Larson Family Enchilada" dinner. We didn't stay very late so we could get the kids in bed at a decent time, and prepare for Santa's arrival.

As tradition in Cort's family, all the grandkids take pictures together in front of the Christmas Tree of Christmas Eve!
And we took some at home as well...

Christmas Day the kids woke up around 7:30 which was AMAZING for them to sleep in that late. That was really nice. I woke up not feeling well, but everything went great while the kids opened presents and enjoyed everything. Unfortunetly after we opened presents when I got around to actually getting up is when the stomach flu hit me and I puked me ever-living guts out for about 3 hours...
So Cort took the kids to his parents house, which we all had planned to do as a family anyway, but I stayed in bed with body aches and pains for the rest of the day. It wasn't my favorite Christmas unfortunetly. And the WORST part of it is, I stayed away from everyone for 48 hours in hopes my germs were gone (the flu for me lasted 12 hours start to finish) and sooooo...naturally every single stinkin person in Cort's family ended up getting it, including Cort's sister, brother in law and all three kids IN THE CAR on their way from Utah back to Arizona...They had to get a hotel halfway and recover. And eveyone else has who has had it (which is literally everyone in Cort's family and Cort and our kids) has all had it for much longer than me! So I feel lucky, but also terrible at the same time. I think the germs weren't on me anymore, but on our kids or Cort or something.
SIGH- So now we can get over that and move on to after WE are all better. The Sunday after Christmas the kids took awesome pictures in front of the tree since I did not get any pictures on Christmas Day....but Keaton does not really cooperate for pictures anymore, so this is as good as it gets with that little stinker!

I must say, I live with 4 very handome men!
Then Cort took off some time this week so we can hang as a family all healthy and well and we took the kids sledding. It was so much fun. Even Keaton liked it! ;)
Last year when we went sledding, the kids would not go down without a parent, but this year they mostly went together or by themselves without us! It was fun to see them venture out. But we still convinced them to ride down with us a couple of times too!

The snow was bright!

Here's my little snuggle bug!

And today was Brayden's 4th Birthday, so I will be posting about that soon as well!


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