Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Jokes on Me!

Aprils Fools Day is here again. Every year I manage to somehow get my mom and usually at least one of my sisters, if not both with a clever prank. It's awesome.

Two years ago was the best when I was pregnant with Keaton. I called my sister's house and my other sister was there and answered the phone. "Bekah," I say..."So I just had another check up with my doctor and everything with the pregnancy looks great, but there was a funny sound when we were listening to the heartbeat....We actually could hear two heartbeats." Pause. My sister is quiet, like she is figuring it out in her head. "Bekah, I am having twins," I say. "NOOOO WAYYYY. Ohmygosh, I can't even believe it, I am so excited." "LIZ is having TWINS" she shouts into the room. I hear my other sister screaming in the background, I hear my niece screaming and clapping and a male voice (one of my nieces physical therapists) talking excitedly about the news. My older sister then says in the background "I knew someone in our family would have twins. It's in our genes! I knew it! I knew it" WOW. All this excitement and I started to feel bad. I then explain that it was April Fools joke and she was totally stunned and told the others. I heard a sad sigh in the room, a few "Liz, wow you totally got us," and then heard the therapist (who I know and have met many times) say "Oh thats just not right!" It.was.awesome. Now I know this isn't like any huge thing, but the point is to do something that is not super hurtful, that is totally realistic and believeable and FUN!

Last year was not nearly as successful, but definetly fun none the less. Keaton had been home from the hospital only 4 months, I had had my thyroid surgery 2 1/2 months after that and had a lot on my plate. I knew that I could not get my mom with many things, but there was one thing I thought I could get away with. And I did. I called my mom and we chatted for a few minutes, then I casually said, "You know how much I want a girl mom. And well, theres a teenage girl in our neighborhood who got pregnant and decided to give the baby up for adoption..and...well, we decided to adopt her." To my surprise, my mom became very excited! "Liz, that is so wonderful." And I could tell that she really meant it. I decided not to let this joke go on too long and told her it was April fools. She was truly dissapointed! I felt bad, but always love being able to get my family with a good joke! I think I tried that same joke on my sister later that day, but cannot remember the outcome.

So this year comes...and I did not even get the chance to pull an April Fools joke on anyone before everyone got ME!

It started almost a week ago when my brother and his wife have the ultimate surprise for us. We knew my sister in law was pregnant with a baby girl. She went into labor and we were waiting for the call about the new baby coming. I get a text that night from my brother. "Hi Liz, Ok, so Clarisa and I r pleased to surprise you again! We had triplets today! Mary, Patricia and Jane! All healthy, call mom 4 details." WHAT!!!! I am totally shocked. I call my brother. I was YELLING into the phone. "Tim, NO WAY. Are you serious?" I must have asked Are you serioius at least ten times during the conversation. "Yes," he tells me. I told him that I could not believe that his wife made it to 36 weeks with triplets, that I could not believe she wasnt on bedrest the whole time, that they were so lucky. I went into detail on all the things they would need for triplets (because, you see, being a NICU mom and volunteer, I know a little more details than the average person on mutiple births, etc.) Anyhow, I don't think my voice lowered the entire time. I was shouting. I was pacing the room, jumping up and down, literally. After about 10 minutes of us going back and forth, he finally confesses. "Liz, mom and I were talking and...well...we were supposed to be enduced on april fools day so we came up with a plan to get you back for all the times you get mom." "WHAT," I say, "This is a joke? Did you have triplets??" "No Liz, we had twins, for real!" WOW! Identical twin girls and they kept it a secret the whole time from everyone, including their own kids. The crazy thing is he had sent a picture announcing the twins births to everyone except me, because everyone was in on the joke to me. Everyone knew to go along with the triplets story. A totally thought out and perfectly executed plan. WOW!

I could not believe I had been had so WELL. He got me good. I then called my mom and let her have it. So this kindof made me think I couldn't pull off a joke this year. I mean, I figured my mom was paying attention to the date. And so I put it out of my mind, which meant that I had my guard down and was open to be had yet again today. And by my own MOTHER! Yes, she got me. you see, a year ago my mom fell and broke her arm really badly, surgery, pins, screws, the whole works. So she calls me today and it sounded like she was crying. She told me not to panic, that she just wanted to let me know that she was on her way to the hospital. That she was working out this morning and slipped. Totally believeable! Hello! I wasn't even thinking about April Fools Day. I told her I was so sorry, I hoped she would be okay and was worried about her. She starts laughing. "Liz, I can't believe I got you." I can't believe she got me again! WOW, I have totally let myself go I guess!! My little sister tried the "Im pregnant" card on me today, but I seriously knew she was trying to get me. I never believed it and wouldnt even plan along for a minute! My sister finally caved and it was really funny.

My only glory today was trying to get everyone on facebook with "I totalled my Durango. Nice" And anyone who really knew me, knew it wasn't true. But I did get a call from a friend, truly worried, and a few "are you ok" messages. Not a great year for me, but still so much fun!!

Next year, watch out. I better have something good to tell, but for this year, I will truly remember always as the year I totally got taken!

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