Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lizzy's Lazy Day

Today turned out to be a somewhat lazy day. It really wasn't supposed to be that way, but it was definetly needed. I am an on the go person. I am not a homebody. We are always home for naps and typically home all afternoon and evening. But in the mornings, I am gone. Aerobics, running errands, kids to school, etc. So when a repair man asks to come in the morning, I say yes, because I really want to repair man to come and I will accomodate his schedule...HOWEVER, I do have to do a lot of rearranging and rescheduling to make it work. Just because I am a stay at home mom does not mean I am at home with nothing to do and all the time in the world to just wait for a repair man to show up. So here's the deal. I find out last week that today a repair man is supposed to come and start working on our shower mess. He is supposed to come between 9-10am today. Fine I say, I'll be here. And so I was. Kyler got a ride to school, I have Angie (the other aerobics teacher) take over my part of aerobics today. It wasn't that big of a deal, but I am also missing the class myself and the workout. It's fine. it's worth it. Whatever I needed to do was fine...
Now, anyone who knows me really well knows that I am an on time person. I am a 10-minutes early-is-on-time kind of person. But I have learned to mellow out since having kids. There are many occasions where it is out of my control and I don't freak out if I am late anymore (to most things anyways! ;)) And you honestly wouldn't know that I am upset about being late because I never let it show and I can let it go easily. Anyways, so this issue, today's issue, is not about being on time necessarily. It's about me canceling my morning and waiting and waiting for not only someone who doesn't ever show up, but never calls either. An hour and a half after this repair man is supposed to show, I call the company. The guy who I have been working with says he will call the guys and call me back. He does and apologizes for them not being there. I am not mean to him on the phone. All I say is "I cancelled my entire morning to wait and now we have to reschedule, so how can I be sure this isn't going to happen again?" I was very nice about it and he was very nice to me. So why didn't his guys ever call me to tell me they were running behind? Where is customer service anymore? Just because I am a stay at home mom does not mean I am at home twiddling my thumbs with all the time in the world to wait for people to not show and not fix my problem. Did I tell you that this is the 3rd company in the last 3 weeks that have been a no show for me?? Yup. That's right. The first plumber for our problem 'I'll be by in the afternoon tomorrow." Afternoon came and went and I finally called him later that evening in which he apologized a million times. Okay, no problem, I can let it go. Then the next repair man for our tiling problem is a no show. Then this today. So what if I was working a full time job and took off work to come home and wait for the no show repair man? Money out of my pocket, time wasted. I understand problems arise. Customers end up taking longer than expected. People run late and it's okay. Just call me. Even call me late. Just call me sometime. Just apologize! Geez peoples!! Where is the respect?
Okay, I'm done venting. So whats the up side to this? Well, since my house was spot less and I had gotten myself all dolled up for the day, I took the two youngin's and went shopping. We ran some errands, came home, had naps. I laid on the couch. We had leftovers for dinner. I went to book club. It was a lazy day. Well, running errands wasn't lazy, but it just seemed so lazy. It was nice. And I felt pretty today...a lot of days lately it seems I am in my aerobics clothes half the day and if I finally get a shower and make up on and the day is so gone it seems almost pointless. But today I was dressed and prettied up by 9! I feel refreshed after having so many busy days to have a day that is more relaxed ;)
And finally, in other big news, Brayden has started Preschool! Officially! And it's awesome!! He started on Wednesday and had a great day. I am excited for him to go back tomorrow and get into a regular full week next week (mon, wed, fri). I think Preschool will be really great for him to grow up and start making better least that's what I am hoping.

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Mike and Andrea McEntire said...

That stinks dude! Seriously three in a row? Wow. Congrats on Brayden starting preschool, he's going to be a heart breaker. :)