Monday, September 13, 2010

Stats and Randomness

Sooooo I have been wanting to post a "before" and "after" picture of me for a long time, but I just can't seem to find a good "after" picture- and I had Cort take some one night...yeah, they did not turn out so good. I am super picky when it comes to pictures of myself. So I am just posting a bad picture of myself and a good picture or myself, both with me and other people. But I think you can see the results in my face especially:
Before: this is in February (in Hawaii, with Cortney)
After: taken 3 weeks ago with my niece.
Total pounds lost: 32. I dropped 3 1/2 dress sizes (I am alllllmost a size smaller, hence the 1/2). I am alllllmost the size I was in high school, which is ah-mazing, however, I am still 20 pounds heavier than I was in high school. So weird? I know I have gained a lot of muscle along the way, so I am not sure how much of that is in that 20 pounds? I was NOT going for my high school size folks, I just wanted to be my pre-pregnancy weight. Which, by the way, I still have 3 pounds to go, HOWEVER, I am now a smaller size than I was like I said, I think things have shifted around here to make things different as well as muscle build up. I am HAPPY with myself! I don't care what my weight is anymore as long as I can try and maintain this size. I dooooo want to lose that extra 3 pounds so I can get a $50 rebate from my hubby's work through a healthy challenge they did. And I think I can do it. But I am happy with how I look and more than anything, I just feel good. I feel myself. I feel healthy with the choices I am making in what I eat and how I work out, etc. Thats all that matters! ;) for the randomness. This week I have some goals I am working on around the house. I am getting ready to make some more wipey cases for a boutique, and clearancing out some older cases. I have stinkin awful headaches every stinkin day (I think from allergies) and the medicine I take for it makes me tired. BOOOOO. I LOVE Brayden being in preschool. It's awesome. Tomorrow night I get to hold my friends triplets for the first time- WOO HOO. I am now going to be teaching aerobics twice a week and am going to work up some new routines this week. Woot. I am missing my sisters today, especially as I saw my neighbor chatting with her sister this morning.
And I think today I am definetly going to take a nap! YAY! Happy Monday everyone and have a great week!


annieareyouok said...

32 pounds WOW!!! That's amazing! Great job. Loosing weight is hard, but so worth it. I am so proud of you so keep up the good work!

Chanelle said...

You look so beautiful! And are an inspiration as I have about 25 pounds I'd like to loose. BTW ~ I'm joining a new gym that is like a luxury spa and their prices are GREAT right now as they just opened. I go mostly at night, but wanted to know if you wanted to come with me sometimes. Give me a call as I can't find your number ~

Crystal said...

You look so great! Way to go. What days do you teach? I want to come.

Mckenzie said...

your amazing and beautiful and inspirational and motivational and wonderful! I wanna loose 30lbs. so I will see you on wednesday ha ha. you look awesome.