Saturday, September 4, 2010

Where does it go?

This post is especially for my sister, Sarah. ;) Every time I go to Arizona, for some very strange reason, my kids don't eat like they normally do. And so my sweet sis sees my little peanut children, who are small for their ages, and worries about them because she doesn't see them eating very much. I was thinking about this tonight as my kids were getting their FINAL of final snacks for the evening before going to bed. I am going to specifically speak of what Brayden ate tonight, because he is the biggest eater in my house AND the one who never eats when we go out of is what Brayden ate tonight...
Dinner: 6 chicken nuggets, about 10 french fries, mini ice cream cone.(now please don't judge on the dinner here folks, Cort is gone for like 10 hours tonight (starting from 1:45pm-midnight) so I took the kids to McD's playland for dinner. Yuck, I know!
In the car on the way home: 1/2 small bag whale crackers.
Walks through the door and gets 1 banana. Eats the whole thing.
After bath 35 mins later: string cheese, 1 fruit snack (which he was not supposed to have).
10 minutes later I made popcorn for all the kids. All three kids shared a regular size bag of popcorn. When they were done, Brayden tried to sneak another fruit snack, but when I saw it, I made him put it back and he had an apple. AN ENTIRE APPLE and a yogurt.
Now he is asleep, so I am pretty sure he is done eating for the night.
Soooo...what do you think? Could we as women ever be so lucky to be able to eat unlimited amounts of food and stay little?? Ever?! I think my kids are not lacking in the amount of food they are eating... Now the substance of what they ate tonight is not something I am proud of (well I guess except for the banana, string cheese, yogurt and apple really)...but when Cort is gone all night on a Saturday, we are lazy around here. And if this is how my children are eating now when they are still small...I can only imagine how much they are going to eat when they are teenagers! I feel like all they do it is eat all day long! Our food bill is large enough already...which brings me to the next issue...what in the heck can we feed our kids for school lunches? Do we really just go back and fourth from pb&J to ham and cheese? I am going to google and get creative cause I wan't kyler to have a nutritious lunch, and have a good balance. At home, sometimes he has salads or black bean burritos, but those don't exactly go well in a school bag/made ahead of time. So...any suggestions, feel free to send my way.

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Sarah said...

Ha! I am glad to know that Brayden eats for you sometimes! He does worry me (well, they all do, they're so tiny!) I know, I know, I should mind my own business and not even pay attention to what your kids eat. And that dinner was fine, as long as it's not chicken nuggets and fries every night. I do the same kinds of things when my hubby is out of town.
As far as the ideas for school lunches, we have pb & j, pb and h, just pb, just j, or ham, ham and cheese, ham with no cheese, cheese with no ham, with and without mayo. Nice variety, huh?
Sometimes they'll take a nutrigrain bar, or a tortilla with cheese in it. Or a slice of homemade bread if I've been baking. I figure I make up for their lame lunches by making good dinners.