Thursday, September 16, 2010

Updates all around

So my day started off with a not so motivated workout. I did not have a headache this morning, however I was so afraid of getting one that I didn't give the workout my all, but I figured its okay to take it easy after the horrible migraine I had yesterday. Anyways, remember that post last week where I rambled on and on about people not showing up for scheduled appointments and not calling? Well today I had to leave aerobics ten minutes early to meet with an appraiser for our refinance and you know what?? He called exactly when he was supposed to show up to say he was running 10 minutes late. And then 10 minutes later he actually showed up and apologized again for being late. That, my friends, is real customer service. I understand people run late and things happen, just call me so I am not waiting around forever wondering whats going on. I am SO happy with the service I got today ;)
After the appraiser left, I had an appointment with my doc. Now, just a few days ago I was talking with a friend about doctors. There are doctors everywhere, but a good doctor is hard to find these days. And I think its hard when you have had the best of the best in the doctor department, and then move and have to start over, only to compare everyone to the service you are used to. Nothing can compare to the best when you have had the best. But you have to deal with what you have. I searched around after we moved here and am mostly happy with all my doctors. My primary care is great. He believes me. He takes me seriously, is sensitive to my needs and is honest if I need to be told to do something. Soooo he ended up giving me a shot for my headahce for the day that immedietly took it away and I have felt great the rest of the day, other than being a little drowsy. As far as future headahces, he did some blood work to check for diabetes, celiac, low or high thyroid, dehydration, etc. etc. Hopefully we figure it out from the bloodwork (and hopefully its something simple like dehydration) but either way, I am hoping to get to the bottom of it. I picked up a perscription for some good headache medicine tonight to help me with the next few headaches until we figure it out. But I love that my doctor is really on my side, doesn't just want to give me a temporary fix, but a long term fix. Thats all I can hope for.
So today, needless to say, was a much better day than yesterday. Now did I do anything today other than lay around and be lazy? No. Yesterday wore me out so much that I felt so exhausted today. My house is still clean least that's what I keep telling myself. And now goodnight. ;)

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beckaboots said...

I didn't know you were getting such terrible headaches! I'm really sorry but I'm glad that your doctor is helping you out. Let's hope it's a simple fix for you!
I miss you!