Monday, November 1, 2010

The best MOM ever, sniff, sniff

My mom decided she needed a getaway and I am so happy so chose to come and see me and the boys! She came a week ago Tuesday, so was here for 6 days, leaving this afternoon. I cried half the way home from the airport today because I just love her so much and love the feeling she brings to my home when she comes. Because I go to Arizona several times a year, my family doesn't often come here to visit- most of my siblings have kids in school, etc. and it's easier for me to go there and see everyone than for them to come here to see me. BUT we LOVE company and there are so many great things to do here in Utah. So 2 years ago in October, when Keaton was in the NICU was the last time my mom was here. It was TOO long we decided. YAY for mom visits!
So, the day she got here, we laid low as Kyler was in school and Brayden and Keaton really needed naps. So we visited on the couch, looked through pics, and her magic touch began almost immedietly! Brayden was so tired but was fighting the nap big time. I let him hang out with us and he was being the typical monkey he is laying upside down next to my mom. She stroked his hair while we talked and the next thing you know...
If you notice my moms skinny legs, you will see how Brayden is actually completely upside down. My mom has the magic touch!

Boy did Keaton love his Grandma! We had a blast taking pics the whole trip that he kept begging me to take one of HIM and me while I was taking pics of other things...Like my wicked eye?
The timing of my mom's trip couldn't have been more perfect- she gets in on Tuesday and Wednesday morning was Brayden's school performance! We suspect he snuck some sugar that morning cause MAN OH MAN did he yawn and sit quietly while singing. but so cute nonetheless!
Keaton goes to school with our cute neighbor Gracie. She is the same age as Brayden (well, a few months older) and she is..well...uh....a LOT taller! ;)
Brayden goofing off and loving time with his Grandma!
And his momma!
On Thursday we decided to do as much of Temple Square as we could. There is so much to read and see that I knew we wouldn't get to see it all, but we had a GREAT time! This is in front of the conference center. It is beautiful.
And it was a little bit chilly that day.
This is inside the conference center. So ah-mazing.
On the roof of the conference center. if you live local and you have not taken the offical tour- GO AND DO IT!
I just couldn't get enough pictures of my mom and the boys! Kyler was at school a lot, which made it easier for going out with only the two boys, but we also missed him a lot.
One of the FUNNEST nights my mom and I had together was going to Gardener Village. It's a little shopping strip/village that has cute vintage shops and a year round Christmas Ornament shop, bakery, baby store, etc. At Halloween they have Witches EVERYWHERE. I took a bunch of pics of the witches, but they did not turn out very well. My mom's camera took better ones, and once she sends me the pics, I will post them cause it was soooo much fun. We had a great time together and thankfully it wasn't too cold.
One thing I love about my mom is how involved she is with my kids- everyones kids. She takes the time to really listen and interact with them. She will kill me for posting a picture like this, but I just love how focused she was on helping Brayden. And he was eating up all the attention he was getting.
Speaking of my mom focusing and taking time for my kids- she brought this cute silly game to play with them for Halloween. Digging for worms! She didn't make them keep their hands behind their backs because they are still a little young to get that, but she filled a bowl with gummy worms and then covered them with whipped cream and let them dig with their mouths for them! It was so cute! She did let them use their hands. They loved it!!

Even Keaton did!!
Having my mom here for Halloween was so great! Our neighborhood is so awesome! We celebrated (almost all of Utah did) on Saturday. unfortunetly it was POURING outside for half of the time we were out, but that did not stop us! In fact, their costumes turned out to be perfect for going out in the rain!
Can I brag a little and tell you I got all three of their costumes at Kid2Kid for $8. Yeah baby! okay, I guess $8, plus $1.25 each for their hats. Still, not bad at all!

Brayden could not stop goofing off to save his life.
And finally, last night, Sunday night, we had over to our house our old neighbors from Tucson. They lived next to my parents for 20 years. I grew up with their kids and good old facebook brought us in touch with them again. So we had them over for dinner last night- they now live about 30 mins from me and it was a trip down memory lane. It was so wonderful!!!
My mom's camera took some great pictures of me with them and of us all together, etc. I can't wait to get copies! It is amazing how not seeing someone for 10 years (literally, 10 years this month) and then seeing them again can bring back so many wonderful memories!
So do you notice something missing from these pics? Cortney got a super bad Vertigo attack in the middle of the night Sunday (from his meneirs disease) and was throwing up for three hours straight in the night. He got a blessing and was able to sleep the whole day Sunday. Although he came down and said hello, he still took it really easy Sunday night and is still a little under the weather right now. I feel so bad he had to miss spending time with my mom and her with him on Sunday, as well as with our friends.
So tonight as I an thinking back on this week, I realize how much I absolutely LOVE my mom. What a great and wonderful thing it is to have a mom that is so great to me and my kids. I miss her already and can't wait to see her again. I had the best week. Thanks for all you do MOM. You're the best!

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