Sunday, November 14, 2010

Count your many Blessings

Today was fast Sunday. I don't do well with fast Sunday's. When I go so long without eating, I get migranes. I get so grouchy you'd wish you didn't know me. If you don't believe me, ask my husband. So I always try and fast, but if I am being completely honest- some fasts are longer than others. Some are really short. But I am always prayerful and always feel the Lord is understanding.
Today I had something important to fast about. Not that I haven't before- and this has happened to me before. But it has been a while. I was determined to fast today though.
This week I learned a sweet 12 year old girl in my neighborhood (the Bishop's daughter for our old ward before we split) learned very suddenly that she has a brain tumor. The details I know are devestating. The brain tumor is on her brain stem and in-operable. She is currently in the hospital undergoing tests and my heart is literally broken for this family.
It has been on my mind all week because I have complained about little petty things in my life- and then I learn something like this and it puts everything in perspective.
So today, I prayed that I would be able to fast for this family whole-heartedly. That I could fast all day and not have the normal reprecutions that my body has towards fasting. And the Lord blessed me. When I got home from church, it was as if I was full. I did not feel hungry (which would have been fine) but MORE than that, no migrane, no grumpiness. Instead, a gratitude towards the Lord for helping me do this. It was so important to me and the Lord knew my heart and helped me. And I have learned a valuable lesson as well. I am so grateful.
Although I am not in the ward of this family, my husband, being in the library during this ward's sacrament told me that he heard several of the family members bear their testimonies today. Her older brother said that she is the strongest person in the family and that they knew she would get through this. It was amazing. The whole family was so incredibly strong and faithful and I know it is the power from all the fasting and prayers and the Lord watching over them.
What an amazing lesson. I am counting my many blessings tonight.


Josh and Becca said...
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Josh and Becca said...

This post just touched my heart. :) I too get terrible migraines while fasting. You are such an inspiration for turning it over to the Lord and truly trusting Him to help you. Wow. Love this post!!!!!!