Friday, February 25, 2011


I am completely torn on an issue and AM asking for comments, opinions on the matter please! So, Kyler has been talking to me for the last two weeks about having his own room.
Here's the backstory. Kyler had his own room until about 4 months before Keaton was born. (so about 3 years ago, roughly) I felt really strongly that Kyler and Brayden needed to share a room. It was very hard to say the least. Kyler and Brayden have completely different sleeping habits...and now they can play and mess around and talk instead of going to sleep. So it took some getting used to and although they have a good routine now, it is STILL hard sometimes. Now, on the flip side of this- I DO think it has brought them closer together. I DO believe it eliminated a jealousy factor that would have occured had one of them shared a room with Keaton- the other would have felt left out. I do think there have been many positives with this.
The funny thing is, Kyler sometimes gets scared and sleeps with Brayden. So Cortney and I talked about it last night and he said we should do a week trial run. One of them sleeps in the guest bedroom and tries it out. I AGREE with this, however, it won't be the same as if they have a new complete room of their own and their own bed to sleep in...right??? I think that does make a difference.
So, we DO have an extra room in our house that currently serves as a guest room and my wipey case office. We have an unfinished basement that everything can be moved into-- and well thats all fine and good for my wipey case stuff, I really do wonder how we will handle company. Should I just make Kyler bunk with Brayden for a night? The kids wouldn't care about this, but this means company sleeping in a twin bed rather than a queen. And thats another thing, part of me thinks the boys will end up having campouts in each others rooms and all anyways, so am I really making this into a bigger deal than it really is?
Part of me really thinks that this would help Kyler with his confidence, which is something he struggles with. I feel like it might even help him focus more on his school work because I plan to set up a little desk/study area for him and I think he would feel completely special with it. On the flip side, will Brayden suffer from this? Should I move Keaton in with Brayden since they have similar sleeping habits of just leave them all their own rooms (for now). I don't want all my kids to have their own rooms all the time- I just don't. I think they develop great qualities by sharing and taking turns getting their own rooms, so I am struggling with this issue!! I don't want to make it more than I need to, which is exactly what I am doing.
Part of me reallllly thinks this is a good idea, I am just struggling with all the "what-ifs" and all. AND I don't want to take away my guest room for when my family comes to visit. We really truly love having them and I feel like it makes life a lot easier for them to have their own room/space when they come.
So, I ultimately will decide with Cort what is best. BUT I would appreciate any insight any of you have that might open my eyes a little more clearly on the subject at hand. Please. I need help!! ;)


beckaboots said...

put kyler in his own room. If brayden has trouble then put him with keaton! or put him with keaton right away. you need to go with your gut!

michlgill said...

I'm actually leaving a comment on this one :) Giving our kids their own rooms has been great. They have their stuff how they want it. When it's time to clean up, they can't blame the other person for the mess. When we have guests, we just have them share a room for the night and the guest would get their room. They are young enough that it will be fun every once in a while. I was raised with a big family and we all shared a room and I thought that was how it should be with my family, but I love that they have their own room. I wouldn't change a thing. Sorry so long!

Sarah said...

I think giving Kyler is own room might be a good thing from the homework/confidence angle. You could move the other 2 in together and still keep the guest room as is. If you decide to do all 3 separate, my advice is to not invest to heavily into redecorating. It may not last and you may end up moving them back in with each other. In our house, we take turns with who gets their own room, each person having it for 6 months to a year or something like that, so they get to experience it, but so does everyone else.

annieareyouok said...

I would give your oldest his own room. It's just one of the perks of being first ;) I think sharing rooms is great (coming from a family of 4 sister and a brother all 4 girls were in a room together at some point), but I also think it's nice for kids to have their own space. I would give each kid their own room and get rid of the guest room, unless you have company SUPER often. Why keep a room in your house for the occasional visitor? Bunking the kids together for that is fine. Good luck!

Jessi said...

All of my kids have their own rooms...It's great. Faith 12, often comes up and camps out with Naiya 8, on the weekends or even with Ryan 5, when he wants her to. I think there are more benefits to having their own, they learn to clean up after themselves. They have a place to go when they are frustrated or upset. They respect other peoples space a little more too. It's hard to let them grow up though...Good luck with whatever you choose!

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