Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

Every year a company that Cort's work contracts with (or something like that) invites us to an Annual Snowmobiling trip at Daniel's Summit. It's one night and we get there around dinner time, have dinner, have activities and games and prizes that night. The next day we get up early, eat breakfast and head on out for 3 hours of snowmobiling! We have only been able to go once, but last time we went is very strong in my memory because while we were there I started suspecting I was pregnant (9 months later = Keaton)... Don't get any ideas folks...not this time around! It's just a good memory! ;) But Cort's parents watched our kids so we could go and it was so nice!

The beautiful snow, trees and nature.
More scenery while we are driving around.

So we did this the weekend before Valentine's Day, so we counted it as our Valentine's Night and it was great!
On Monday we made it all about Valentine's with the kids. We set the table all fun for them with their valentines out and some candy and dessert after dinner, etc. They also got plenty of Valentine's at school and so it was a really fun day for them.
Good times. Can't wait for this trip next year! :)

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