Saturday, February 19, 2011

Growing Up Too Fast

Okay, you need to meet Harrison. He is my sweet new nephew, a week old tomorrow (Sunday). My little sis had her first baby 5 1/2 weeks early (not related to why I have my babies early) and this little guy has had to spend time in the NICU until he can eat better.

He's had a little jaundice and a few little hiccups that are normally for early babies, but does he LOOK little to you? This little chunky munky was 6 pounds 4 ounces my friends. He has ROLLS already. So it's hard because they don't want to treat him like a preemie, but he acts like one and needs the care of one- but seriously, ROLLS! I LOVE baby ROLLS!! ;)) I can't wait to meet him in person. I love him already. My little sis has had a bumpy road but she is close to bringing him home and can't wait to get life really truly started as a family of 3. I am so excited for her...did I mention he has ROLLS? And did you see that double chin? I just can't even get over it. I am a baby person, if you can't tell...
So speaking of babies...what happened to mine? My 22 pound Peanut Keaton is growing up WAAAAAAY faster than my other two. And it's NOT FAIR!! I want him to stay young. Not just little, but young. So a few weeks ago he decided he was completely done with his booster seat. Oh yeah, forget about it. No more sitting up to the table with a little bit of height to him, he is sitting on his knees and aint nothing I can do about it. I can't even belive it. And I am sure if I let him, he would be out of his carseat too! That is just not happening, obviously. I just can't believe the attitude he gives me over such things. Sheesh!

So how can he change from this??? (notice the binky covers half his face, he was about 3 pounds here)
TO THIS: Seriously! He is SOOOO LIITLE! And yet he does so much that is beyond his age that I often get strange looks from people...
He just does things and says things that a normal 2 1/2 - 3 year old would, but he looks like he is about a year old, so it's crazy! I just can't take it. So this last week he has started climbing out of his crib. Can I tell you that first of all, to get his little legs all the way over the crib is quite impressive because he practically does the middle splits to do it. But he does it. Cort has felt for some time that Keaton was ready for the toddler bed. But I have not been even close to ready. Putting him into the toddler bed comes with a whole new mess of issues. Now we have to leave his door open at night, which means he will get out of bed 100 times and he will get up super early to discover he has the freedom to get out of bed, so he will. I am not ready to deal with that. However, with that being said, I finally caved tonight because I had no choice. The little guy is getting out of the crib either way and banging on the door. And the toddler bed was already in his room and he has played in it before. So I had a talk with him, showed him the bed and he lit up. He was so excited to be a big boy like his brothers. That is all he wants to do. He wants to do everything like his brothers.

So as I am putting him in the new bed tonight, he says "Daddy night night?" I said Yes. He says "kyler night night, Brayden night night?" I said "Yes. And now Keaton night night." And he says "ok mom." Of course it wasn't that easy. He still fought me and got out of bed 100 times. I ended up closing the door and letting him cry for a while, then I opened it and told him that I would leave it open if he stayed in bed and it worked! I cannot even believe how mature he is. He gets so much more than I even know. I just can't belive he is growing up so fast.

SIGH. All three boys, no more babies. Sniff Sniff. I am not ready for this.


Mckenzie said...

ok first of all I think you are just use to 3lb babies because 6lbs 4oz is teeny tiny (thats how much g weighed) ha ha ha. he is adorable and I love his name. Also, I cannot believe how teeny tiny Keaton still is, 22lbs ha ha g is 25lbs... he is a DOLL!
Last thing... I miss you. enough said.
lots of love.

annieareyouok said...

Congrats on the new nephew! I can't believe your little sister had a baby ... I will always remember as an 8 year old ;)

The Mattson's said...

I totally know how you feel, Benson just stated climbing out of his crib too:( So we have been doing the taking him back to his bed when he gets out and not talking to him when doing so. He has tried all kinds of tricks to get to stay out. He comes out of his room meowing like a kitten and saying I'm a kitty ( SO CUTE!!) anyways it takes him about 45 min of doing that before he will stay in his bed and go to sleep. So all i have to say is GOOD LUCK!! because we are going to need it.