Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just normal life

Do I dare say this has been a mild winter as far as colds go in our house. Last year, during this exact week, Keaton got RSV and was sent to the hospital. This year he has had two colds, but neither have been very bad.
But just take a look at this sweet little face...I mean, seriously?
Poor wittle guy. He is totally fine now...I took these last week when he had a bad cold. He was just so blah. But, like I said, he is well now and I am so happy if this is the worst this cold season has and will bring us!
So what have I been up to? Besides taking care of sick kids last week, I took on one major project off my to-do list/goals for this year and will post pictures in another post. I have been Zumba-ing my little heart out. I LOVE ZUMBA!! it is so much fun and this is one of my fav. Zumba instructors Irma.
Now speaking of "workout out"...I took one look at Keaton's legs the other day and thought to myself...He did NOT get those legs from me...bird legs!
It's just a shame that I can't look that lean in high heels! He is going through a shoe stage...anyones shoes, anytime.
There is so much more to post, but I don't have any time! Cause you know I was called to be the Young Women's Girl's camp DIRECTOR?! Not leader, not helper, DIRECTOR! Me! Seriously! Soooooooo, life is going to get busy from now until like forever. I am way excited and freaked all at the same time. Will post more soon, promise!


Chanelle said...

You crack me up! There is no way you would want to be that "lean"! You'd be on the brink of death if you were ;) And congrats on the calling.

Kate said...

You are going to be one AMAZING Girl's Camp Leader!!! What a perfect calling for YOU!