Saturday, February 12, 2011

Project 1 DOWN!

So I decided for my first big project, it would have to be something that would benefit me almost immedietly. Some of my other projects, like organizing things in the basement, will be great except that I hardly ever go to the basement (it's unfinished and just storage). So I will save that for another time and I started with my wipey case office...and with that the whole guest bedroom had to be organized with it. The bedroom itself was pretty clean and organized, but the closet, where my wipey case office is...well, that was not.

Okay, so here is taking out ALL the fabric that was in there to sort it.
The corner of the closet and floor...or lack thereof! Before:
Now, my desk isn't NORMALLY this messy, but I had just been working on some major projects sooooo...Also, pay attention to under my desk as desk before:
This little random misc. bookcase we got for free and really don't have a good purpose for it. So before:
This is the bed DURING my this is not what it normally looks like, this is all stuff from my closet/office:
Here are some of my fabrics organized afterwards:
This is a corner afterwards: Isn't it amazing!
The top of the closet now (although I guess I didn't show a before of this) AFTER:
My desk AFTER:
I still need to figure a better way to organize my ribbon where I can grab a spool at random, see all the different ribbons I have all at once and have it look nice.
But overall, it only took me a day working on it...not a full day, but a day working on it while also taking care of the kids, getting them meals, changing diapers and all that stuff. So I had a lot of breaks, but it really wasn't that bad. And now it is so much better! 1 project down, about 10 more projects to go!


Tracey said...

It looks amazing! Maybe you could get a spring loaded curtain rod to fit the entire length of the closet and then put all your ribbon on that and then your ribbon is available and off the desk. I have some dowels that I use and it makes it so much easier.

Sarah said...

Yay for getting projects done!

Jessi said...

I use a shelf with a dowel along the bottom for my ribbon. It's so easy to pull off just what I need and get to it without messing everything up! Way good job! Feel free to come to my place and help be get started! :)