Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Cortney is out of town all week. Last week Keaton was sick. Life has been busy, crazy, with baseball. Yesterday I ate three 500 calories each cupcakes. YUP. Seriously.

So I am going to publicly beat myself up and then tell you about the changes I am making.

I feel like I am in pretty good shape. I still have areas I am working on and I hope that even when I am happiest with myself, I don't ever let myself "go"...which is kind of what happened last week. You know, I was just having a hard week with Keaton being so sick and needy. So its okay to miss a work out and for things to not go according to plan...but then I let my eating go. Like, really bad. I made these super amazing cupcakes that my friend has made and gave me the recipe for. They are seriously like 500 calories for ONE cupcake. Seriously. Are they worth it...well YES if you have worked out and have the self control to have ONE! But then there is me who has missed a bunch of my normal classes and have snacked more around the house out of pure boredome from being home with a sick kid. Sooooo I make these cupcakes and they make double what a normal recipe would make. So I make up plates to give out to people...and slowly the plates get smaller and smaller with me slowly eating these amazing cupcakes!!

Oh boy. So yesterday I missed aerobics yet again for something that was totally not worth it by the way, and felt so depressed that I had missed again AND had no motivation to work out at home AND then I ate 3 cupcakes. Not in a row- but throughout the day. You know, I normally eat healthy and so doing something like that to my body literally made me sick. Even though by the time I went to bed it had been like 6 hours since I had eaten the last cupcake (which btw, a neighbor stopped by at one point and I shoved the remaining 6 cupcakes on a plate and forced her to take them), I felt so gross. Literally, gross. Yucky, icky. And add to that the guilt from not working out.

So last night when I was laying in bed feeling so gross, I decided to get up and run this morning. I couldn't go till after the kids are in school since Cort is gone, but I did it. I called a friend, she went with me and pushed me- it was awesome. I felt so great. 4 miles isn't very far- but considering the state I was in yesterday, this was good. And it felt great. We even did 30 second sprints in the end at an incline of 10. It feels awesome. And it motivates me to get back on track with my eating and every day normal healthier living.

So this is it. I had put it on my blog so I have to get back to eating better. I HAVE to cause I will go crazy is I don't!! And now all YOU know, so I have to.

So what does it for you? What is YOUR motivation?? Have a great week everyone!


A said...

Why didn't you call me to run:)

annieareyouok said...

Eating is 70% of weight loss/maintaining current weight. The other 30% is 20% workouts and 10% genetics. Can't believe that working out is a measly 20%. Eating well is the hardest part, but you can do it!

annieareyouok said...

P.S. Let yourself splurge once in a while ;)