Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Potty Problem

You know how your friends who are mom's that have kids in school have told you that everything changes once your kids start school? And you're like "okay, yah, I know" but deep down you're thinking how life *should* get easier because you are down one child during the day so you don't really know what they have to complain about?? Yah, that. I TOTTTALLLLLY "get it" now and understand how enormously complicated everything becomes...not to mention HOMEWORK, which, btw, is really for the parents.

So just last week I learned that Kyler (7) has been "holding it" ALL DAY until he gets home from school because the toilets at school are gross. WHAT?!!! He will pee all day long with no problems and run out without flushing, but only ONE time in the entire school year this year did he go to the bathroom #2 in the toilet at school. ONE TIME!! I always noticed how he walked through the door after school and headed straight to the bathroom, I just assumed it was his time of the day to go. But wow! He says whenever he goes in the bathroom the toilets are always full of icky grossness so he holds it. I told him he should flush it and then go, but the thought of that grosses him out. I cannot say I blame him at all. I just don't think he should hold it that long either. And I am sad that I am just now learning about this considering the school year is almost over. CRAZY! We are working it through though...hence the one time he has gone now...I still can't get over it.

*SIGH*- So it's true. Everything, and I do mean everything, changes once you have a kid in school. You will just have to see for yourself.

PS.*****Please keep your fingers crossed that I can go to Zumba tonight folks. I am having major withdrawl!!******


lucasclan said...

If it makes you feel any better, Cooper holds it all day too for the same reason. He does, however, have a large bladder, but the bathrooms at school gross him out as well.

beckaboots said...

That is interesting. I'm glad you finally did find out! That is really frustrating.
I'm sooo glad you got to go to Zumba! YAY!