Thursday, July 9, 2009

Can I brag?

So today I had a lot of energy, and my kids love being I decided to spend the WHOLE day working and get as much done as possible...therefore I...

mowed the lawn
pulled all the weeds, front and back
watered all plants not on the drip system (okay, I do this everyday, no big deal)
swept and washed off the front porch
stained the bench by the firepit

Then on the inside:
cleaned out three closets and reorganized them
went through the boys toys and made a pile for DI (and actually put the bag in the garage instead of just leaving it!!)
reorganized and rearranged the playroom
washed all the walls in the playroom (which was necessary considering I had taped something to the wall that left this nasty tape residue on the wall as well as pulled off some of the paint :( ) and I should add the Kyler and Brayden helped me with this...they love spraying the walls and wiping them off, although sometimes it just leaves drip marks on the walls.
painted the areas that needed touch up paint in the playroom and various small areas around the house
cleaned the spare bedroom and organized my wipey crafty table

And I STILL made a nice dinner, gave all three boys a bath, then swept and mopped the kitchen and did 3 loads of laundry!

I am SUPERMOM and SUPERWOMAN! Okay, I'll get off my high-horse now. The truth is, there will be many days where it is lucky for me to get anything done, let alone and kazillion things. So I am proud. And I am exhausted and going to bed.



annieareyouok said...

don't you love those days when the stars align and your kids are well behaved enough for you to actually get non-daily stuff done? tomorrow you might be lucky to change out of your pjs ;) but today .... today was great. cute post.

Likes' Family said...

How? Send some of that miracle dust to my house. I need to get so much done, and I'm lucky to get dressed these days!

The Mattson's said...

You totally ROCK!! that's so awesome. I love days like that.

Kevin and Cami said...

WOW!! I'm VERY impressed. I would be lucky to do all that in 2 weeks. You are an amazing woman.

beckaboots said...

You rock. You have more energy than I do, that's for sure. I'm glad you're so proud of yourself! You earned it :)

sherry said...

It's 114 degrees here. So I'm not going to follow your example;)

Sarah said...

Holy cow! Now come over to my house!

Angela Frasure said...

I am so impressed- and lazy!!!