Tuesday, July 7, 2009

You've made your bed, now go lie in it.

So I've really been working with my boys on doing chores around the house, one of them being making their beds in the morning. This is an example of how my kids are different from each other. Brayden has been automatically making his bed before I ask him, he really enjoys it! And he does a darned good job!

Kyler also enjoys it, but has to be told a million times to do it..and sometimes an occasional threat of him not being able to play if he doesn't do it! And so here's Kylers bed...more thrown together, but much harder to reach the back because it's really tall. But seriously...I am a little OCD about it needing to be even, so this will be a lesson for me as well I think.
My sweet boys! I am glad they are trying so hard and hope this keeps up.

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beckaboots said...

That is so funny! Seeing the big differences between the two boys. Although, I can say that if anyone was going to be the neat freak, it would be brayden! ha ha so i got that right.
Miss you all :/ we have to visit sometime soon!