Friday, July 24, 2009


My sweet Brayden, the kids who never stops, is sick. He has been throwing up since 12:30 this morning, and has not been able to keep anything down, even water. He is sleeping on the floor right now, next to a bowl for throwing up. He has a fever of 101.7, so that's not too high, but the poor little guy can't even keep down medicine...Cortney and our neighbor Derek gave him a blessing this morning, and we are just hoping he can get better soon.

Just wanted to whine a little. I was up all night with him. Cort got up with Keaton this morning, but I couldn't sleep anyway. SIGH~

Whine, whine, whine. And did I mention this weekend is my hubby's family reunion? The first ever with just the siblings and parents. And we have had a blast so far. But today I am home, and blah, blah, whine whine.

Thats all for now. Hopefully next time I write, I wont be whining.


Likes' Family said...

Whine away girl. Days like that it's nice to release, especially when you know others have empathy. Been there, whined myself. I pray Brayden gets feeling better!

Sarah said...

Aw man! That stinks that people are having fun without you! And you're stuck cleaning up puke. Not much is worse than that. I hope the poor little guy gets better soon. He's so tiny, he can't really afford to lose weight, can he?