Saturday, January 23, 2010

17 months+17 Pounds= FINALLY WALKING!

So, my little Peanut will be 17 months old tomorrow. He is, according to the dr's scale on Friday, is 17 pounds, 4 ounces. He is sooooo little. So sure, it seems normal when you look at him to think he is too little to be walking. But for me, he is my latest walker! And sure, take away his prematurity and he would actually be 14 months old...not too late, but I have been waiting and waiting and trying to get him to MOVE IT! And now he is! So, over the past few days, he has decided to walk more than crawl. Thursday it was 50% crawling, 50% walking, Friday was more like 75% walking, and then today about the same.

I know, before I even know it, I will wish he couldn't walk because walking is when their lives truly do change forever and they get into even more than they could before!! ;)


Hooray for Keaton!!


beckaboots said...

Yay! Super cute!

Sarah said...

Yay Keaton! He is so little! Margaret is over 19 lbs.!

the time gailey home said...

paul is 25 pounds. 16 monhts. i guess we might have stolen some of the weight from you guys. you got some awesome shots of that kid! so fun!

Jen said...

Hey!! your family is cute!! hope you are doing good. I saw you found me on Myspace but don't keep up with that anymore. same goes for my blog. if you are on Facebook, I keep that up all the time!

sherry said...

So cute! My little Abigail is 17 lbs too, and we were due at almost the same time. But Abigelli was only 4 weeks early, Not a premie like your little cutie. It is a little hard to see them grow up, isn't it?