Monday, January 4, 2010

Mr. trouble is 4!

I cannot believe my once 2 1/2 pounder is now 4! Brayden has been a fighter from the start, but I love it all! So here are a few of my favorite things about Brayden in honor of him turning 4.

He is always sensitive to ME! He tells me I look nice, have nice earrings on, smell good, etc. What guy or boy for that matter does that?? I love it!

He pushes my buttons, but in the most adorable way. Example: "Don't worry Mom, I didn't get this gum from your purse. I just found it on the counter."

Which brings me to his lying and cleptomatic personality! I love this sweet guy. But he really can't tell the truth often. Example #1" I didn't do it Mom, Kyler did it." When in actuality, I WATCHED HIM do it!
Example #2, We are all sitting together in the living room when the following conversation happens...Brayden: "Dad, can I have a treat." Dad: "No Brayden, you haven't eaten your lunch." Brayden: "Mom, Dad said I can have a treat, will you get it for me?" Nice. Right in front of me? Seriously boy!

And for him being a clepto- well, anyone who knows him knows they have to pat him down when he is leaving their house because he takes things and hides used to just be in his pockets, but once I started figuring it out, he changed to hiding things in his UNDERWEAR. YUP.

He really has kinda grown out of it, but I still once in a while find something he took...and its usually something valuable. A toy maybe? No, more like a nice silver bracelet from a little girls room...Thats my Brayden.

But more than anything, what would my life be without a boy who causes so much trouble? Seriously, so boring ;) I love my sweet Brayden!

This is the only baby picture I am posting, but it is one of my favorites! Can you believe he ever had any chubbiness to him?
For his party, we told him we had a surprise and did not tell him where we were going. We took him to Chuckee Cheese and had a blast!

Grandma Sue and Papa Greg came along for the party and Brayden BEAT Grandma Sue in air hockey.

This is when we sang Happy Birthday to him! ;) Priceless face~!
Big brother has to help open presents!

Ah-ha! Cant just give the boy one sword cause then how could Kyler fight back?

Good times! can't believe he's 4!


annieareyouok said...

SO cute! He sounds like quite the character ... loved all the stories. Congrats on your big boy!

Tracey said...

Very cute post but not one that helps me to want to watch him for a week. lol Actually what are the dates they are coming? I have a calendar now and I can't remember when you are going to Hawaii. Let me know asap please!!!!!

beckaboots said...

I never remember him being THAT chubby! Wow, he is one little demon but the cutest demon at the same time. Sorry I didn't call him to wish him a happy birthday... I need one of those calenders that you give mom. At least, one with just the dates on it! ha

Sarah said...

Brayden is so stinkin' cute! Hugs and kisses to senor trouble :)