Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Boys, Brothers, Oh Boy!

There have been some sweet things happening in my house this week. I have been trying really hard to look at the good in the situations my kids get into. For example, when Brayden does something really naughty, I have been thinking of the positives about the situation and trying not to want to kill the little booger so much. The good/positives could be: he's very smart for thinking of something so clever, I can tell he's really tired to be acting this way, which means he has to take a nap, which sometimes means I get a nap. Sometimes there aren't many or any, but I have been trying. But he has actually done a few very funny and cute things this week that I just adore!

This first one is my favorite. I pulled out my planner while eating lunch at the kitchen table. Brayden ran and got his book of mormon and was "reading" it while he ate too!! It was the sweetest thing EVER! I didn't say anything. I couldn't. I was just so adoring the moment.

The second darndest cutest thing he did, which has also been quite annoying after 3 days of it, is putting on Kyler's swimsuit (his is hidden because he always wants to wear it). Yes, it's 20 degrees outside, the heater is on. We are wearing long sleeves, sometimes sweaters and socks IN THE HOUSE. But Brayden finds Kyler's swimsuit, puts it on, takes off everything else (yes, everything, like a true swimsuit wear-er) and gets the swim toys from the garage. He has spent HOURS this week in that floatie. A PINK one that I got at the dollar store no less. (Come on, it was the only color they had at the time!). Anyways, he is driving me nuts, but at the same time, so stinkin cute! And what I really wish I had gotten a picture of was him actually putting on his snow boots to walk around in, dressed like this! ;)

And finally, I am fearing that Keaton is in personality more like Brayden. He has lots of Kyler in him, but is soooooo mischevious already. He has started doing really naughty things. And when I say, "Keaton, we don't do that." "thats ouchie" or "thats naughty"...he pauses, looks at me, and then does it. Sometimes he even laughs! He knows he is disobeying! The little stink! And he is so cute about it, it is really hard not to laugh. So, when Cortney tells him "No Keaton, we dont do that", he bursts into full on TEARS! His feelings get hurt, and he doesn't do it again. WHAT?!?!

So as you can see, his daily habits include empty-ing the tupperware drawer, and now, climbing into it. I wondered how it got a little I know! I am destined to be the mom of clever naughtiness. However, looking at the good in this...very smart, challenging, somewehat exciting BOYS! And please don't get me wrong, Kyler is just as smart, clever and naughty as Brayden...he just manifests it in ways that don't cause so much damage. He is more like me in personality, so I can figure him out a little easier...SIGH~ I really do love my fun life! ;)


the time gailey home said...

and they make it possible for you to write some really fun and cute blogs. love your boys! can't wait to see them when you bring them to your mom's in feb.

Sarah said...

Aaaaaaaggghhhhh! Good luck!

Sarah said...

Olivia has taken to dressing herself these days too, most often with her pants on backwards. If she knew where a swimsuit was, that would be the choice (which is why they, too, are hidden). I love the scripture reading. Too sweet!