Thursday, January 7, 2010


Meet Keaton. So adorable, and yet, so destructive. How does one so sweet and innocent looking cause so much destruction in such a short amount of time?

"It" has arrived. And by "it", I mean, that time when every baby starts turning into a toddler...looking for trouble. Completely aware that what they are doing is probably something they should NOT be doing, and yet, that makes it even more exciting. ( And I have to admit, is cute to watch....most of the time!)

My little Keaton is not so little anymore...sniff, sniff. And the sniffs are both for him growing up, and the extra work that I now do around the house on a daily basis. Putting all the tupperware back in their drawer, putting all the cotton swaps back in their box, putting ALL the books from the bookcase back on their shelves.

He's lucky he's so cute!

Ha Ha Mom! Look at what I'm doing!! (that's shoe polish on the ground...just in case you couldn't tell...) Oh yeah, and he does have his hand on bathroom cleaner that I apparently forgot to put in the locked closet. I totally get mother of the year award for that one!

And finally...with a new year, this year, came a new do for me! My hair was feeling heavy and weighed down, and I needed a change. So I went much shorter, sassy layers at the bottom and a slight shade darker (I do the coloring myself), and I actually LOVE it! It has been fun, sassy and so much quicker and easier to fix. So for now, I am liking it!

You likie? Me likey.


Sarah said...

Me likey! Me likey! You look so beautiful! And oh no about Keaton! Not another Brayden! Aaaagggghhhhh!!!!!

beckaboots said...

Love Loooveee the color! and the cut has that edgy shaggy look to it! so cute!

annieareyouok said...

I had to laugh because I am well aware of all the "putting away" at the end of the day of the tupperware, lids and in our case .... plastic forks and cups from the "party cabinet". It is pretty harmless what they do when they pull out all this stuff, but I do get tired of having it all out and having to put it all away. Oh well, at least it keeps them entertained, right?