Sunday, April 17, 2011

Baseball has begun!

2 years ago we put the boys in soccer and it was a disaster! Part of it could have been that 2 weeks into it I had Keaton and was back and forth from the NICU, buuuuuut, I really think they were too young, not ready and just not interested. So we held off on sports for a few years and thought this year we could try a new sport! Baseball it is. Kyler and Brayden are on different teams and that does make it for a busy season, but so far, so good. This week they each had their first game.

Here we go with Kyler in the outfield. Just twiddling his thumbs really... (he's furthest back)

Yawning... Okay, no seriously he really does seem to like it, but he is getting used to it... Up to bat!
Right before swinging...he hits the ball and runs to first!
Now we have Brayden in outfield! (head down in the middle)
Mom, what are you doing?
Swing batter batter swing!
So cute!
And while waiting to bat...what better to do than climb the fence!

So we are going to learn a good balance of homework, home life, family time AND baseball because so far it just seems crazy! But we are loving it, the boys are loving it and I think it will be great! So exciting for all the fun changes going on with my boys...but this does mean they are growing up...which is hard.

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annieareyouok said...

That seems like so much fun and quite the mile stone for all of you. You are now a "soccer mom" ;)How lucky your boys are to have a mom that will encourage them to try new things.