Saturday, April 23, 2011

You Gotta Have Friends!

I am lucky to have great friends in many places. And every other year or so my high school friend Marisa comes to Utah for something and I get to see her! It is so great to have facebook, e-mail, blogs and other such resources to keep in touch with friends we otherwise would not get to talk to as much. I LOVE it when someone calls and says they are stopping through so we can have a short and sweet visit (of course I love long visits too!;)) Anyways, it was very short, about 2 hours together, but it was great!

And of course every time we talk, we wish we lived closer together so we could actually see each other more than every few years!
But we will take what we can get!

I feel so blessed to have such great friends everywhere in my life! Thanks Marisa for another great visit! Love ya girl!

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