Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday

I must admit, I wasn't quite as organized and ready for Easter this year as I thought I was. For example- I totally forgot to do baskets for Cortney and me...but I had the kids done no problem. I guess thats who really counts, but I try never to forget to include Cort and I on stuff like that. Anyways, I also made the boys ties! It was awesome. My awesome friend Christy has 4 boys of her own and makes amazing things- but the best part is that they are simple- and my friend hosted a class for those of us who wanted to learn and showed us step by step. They were so much easier than I thought- and as long as you follow the steps- they turn out great!!! I am quite proud ;)

So here is Brayden being his silly typical self for a photo with his basket...

Kyler with his ;)

I tried and tried to get one of Keaton but he would not look up for more than one second! Every single one was a complete blurr. BUT I didnt push it too hard considering he woke up, came down and found his basket and BEFORE having any candy proceded to throw up all over. POOR KID! The flu again? Really? But the weird part is he didnt cry, he didnt lay down, he just kept playing. He barely ate anything all day, but no fever. Just weird.
So I still dressed him up nice and we all went to sacrament together, but we did not want to send him to nursery with whatever bug he had, so Cort took him home and put him to bed.
But here they are: Dont the ties look great!!! I know, Keatons is huge- but I really did make it that way on purpose. There is something so stinking cute about a little boy with a big tie. It's a weakness of mine really- I know some people think it looks tacky, or crazy but I LOVE IT!! My little men, all of them!

This one is so great of Kyler and come all three boys don't cooperate all the time for pictures?!!

And that's that! So Keaton woke up this morning with a fever. And drank two full sippy cups of water/juice and then threw it up everywhere. Poor kid. He seriously cant afford to lose any weight. And when he is sick, he is so sweet. He just wants to cuddle and be sweet. He even says please and thank you still to everything. He has been asleep since 10:30...and it's 1:00 as I am typing this.

Lets hope it doesn't last long!

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annieareyouok said...

Way to go on the ties mama. They are so cute!