Sunday, July 3, 2011


Do I dare say I *think* I am past the super duper sicker than I have ever been with any pregnancy phase? I think that I finally am. The last week especially I have been feeling pretty good. It is weird. I am so used to starting something, or planning to take the kids somewhere, etc. and then BOOM, I am just so sick I can't even think of anything else. AND it would last all day and all night and pretty much never ended. It wasn't fun. And by far the worst of any pregnancy. Add to that the fact that I am a hormonal raging monster...yeah, that. I have not been my best self, that is for sure. But I think things are coming around. I am almost 14 weeks and of course, I am showing for reals now. I think it's obvious- and anyone who knew me before I got pregnant should know I am not just getting fat everywhere, its obvious in my belly! ;)

Soooo....what does this mean? PROJECTS! Luckily I have been inspired/motivated by company coming: My husbands family on Monday, my sister and her family next week and one of my bestest friends Kyra the week after. Company always motivates me to clean, but there was some real organization that has needed to be done for some time now- and I finally am feeling good enough to do it.

In the past few days I have organized the pantry (which I pretty much do every 6 months or so). But can I tell you that this time I really changed things around. Something happened the other day that really opened my eyes to how much MORE my boys could be doing for themselves...and I am really cheating them by not letting them be more independent. They could totally get their own bowls of ceral in the mornings (not Keaton of course, but the other two)...and their own lots of things...but I have just always done it. And there was a day this last week I was forced to put my feet up and make the kids do more and I realized that if I were to just show them a little more of how to do things themselves, as well as moving things around in the pantry so it's more at their level, things would be much better. AND let's be honest, I am totally preparing to be on bed rest at some point in this pregnancy. This will make things a lot easier if I start transitioning them now to do more for themselves. So , back to the list.

I have cleaned out and oraganized 75% of the kitchen cabinets. Things were just getting shoved into places when in reality, there is a lot of extra room if we just put things in nicely. The other 25% didn't need to be done! ;)

I have cleaned out Kyler and Brayden's closets and organized them...although we are going to be moving rooms around, soooo this will all be re-done anyways. But at least now I know where everything is and it will be a smoother transition.

It has only been a week of feeling good, so I am just getting started! Now I plan to:

Organize the basement- there is so much that we can give away/have a yard sale, etc.

Go through ALL baby stuff...I will probably wait a few more weeks until I find out what I am having...if it's a boy, I will wash and start going through everything and decide what to keep, etc.

If it's a girl, I will probably give away a lot more and store things differently.

Once I find out the gender, we will also be doing a lot of changes around the upstairs. Rooms are going to get moved around. The crib will be set back up, the changing table, possibly some painting. There is so much to be done! And while most people wait a little ways longer in their pregnancy to do a lot of it, I don't have that luxary...especially when bed rest is expected! So I am getting as much done now as possible and am hoping to have it all done before baby-kins makes the arrival and/or bed rest. I am excited, especially now that I am not so sick and can actually think about these things.

Much much more to do, but too much to list for now. Hopefully I can post some pictures as I work on some of the more fun projects!

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beckaboots said...

I love it! Lots of fun projects for you! I'm going to see when I can come and visit and help :)